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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Now That Trump Will Be Declared King What Will His Crown Look Like?

Can they get his crown done in time for his "Lies About the Union" speech on Tuesday?

Will we all have to kiss his ring?

Enjoy The Last Day Of Democracy America

As of tomorrow Republicans will have stopped pretending the constitution matters.

Heil Trump!
Heil Trump!
Heil Trump!
Heil Trump!
Heil Trump!

It was good while it lasted.

The Second Article Is The Dictator Or Not One

Cheating was bad. Ignoring oversight / congress is Fascism.

Traitors will vote to acquit.


Every Trump enabler.

Tomorrow The Constitution Dies

R. I. P.

Earn $$$ USA Will Pay Your Country $$$ Millions $$$ For Dirt On Biden! Call Rudy! Earn $$$

All foreign leaders earn easy money for your people (your Swiss bank account included). Help Donald Trump win in 2020 and you will be richly rewarded. We Need Dirt!!! All you have to do is "announce" an investigation into Joseph Biden. You don't have to do anything else, just go on television and tell the world your country (s-hole countries included!) are "investigating" Joe Biden for corruption. Even if he has never been to your country, it doesn't even matter. Handing out foreign aid for campaign help has just been made legal in America!!! Brought to you by our really patriotic Republican Party!

Call Rudy.


Sale begins Saturday. Ends Nov 7 2020.

Get your $$$ while the gettin's good!

Dirt on Biden. Dirt on Biden. Dirt on Biden.

Go to dirtonbiden.com and fill out the online form for a million dollars a word! Paid for by the U.S. Taxpayer!

Road Warrior World or Green New Deal?

Choose one.

Nicole Wallace "The Call Is Coming From Inside The House"

John Bolton

Good one Nicole.....

Corporations Are Really Really Really Scared Bernie Might Win The Nomination

And they will be forced to pay taxes.


Tax Wealth Accumulation Not Wages

We have been tax screwed for so long it is insane.

We pay tax on income, but folks with massive wealth can double or triple their net worth and pay zero taxes.

Wal-Mart takes it's profits an buys its shares driving their stock price up. The people that own most of their stock can double their wealth and not pay ANY TAXES until they sell some shares.

Someone who works pays income tax, social security, and medicare out of their wealth (paycheck) and there is nothing they can do.

Our system of who gets taxed what is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tax any increased net worth over $10 million as income. Don't tax anyone's income till they hit 10 million in wealth.

The country fixed.

We have brainwashed into thinking this could never work while the 1% has half of everything, and 90% of the political power.

Tax wealth accumulation not wages.

Balance the budget and pay off our debt.


16,000 Lies - 16,000 Lies - 16,000 Lies - 16,000 Lies

Just remember when you are talking to a Trump Cult Member that they worship a criminal who has told 16,000 lies.

'Ol Ivanka is all butt hurt because the folks on CNN were laughing hysterically at "Boomer Trump Rubes".


Boy the people so stupid they believe Trump's lies don't like being laughed at by people with working brains, a conscience, or morals.

Laugh away folks. Laugh in their faces. They are fools.

Stick in their face over, and over, and over Trump is almost to 17,000 lies, and ask them to their face what kind of person would support anyone who has told 16,000 lies. They will say garbage that is pure nonsense, but put it back on them.

Who supports someone who lies like rain falls? Someone who lies to their faces knowing the lies will be believed because they are that stupid.

Go ahead and laugh in their face. 16,000 Lies. 16,000 Lies. Say it over and over.

Tell them either they don't care for the truth, or they are so ignorant they can't tell the difference between truth and a lie.

Then laugh some more.

Don't let them defend their mental defects. Just keep laughing. Point your finger at their nose and simply laugh in their face.

It can't hurt. Nothing else works on the army or red imbeciles going to the Trump rallies.

Do your part!
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