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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Getting News From Newsmax And OAN Is Like Getting Water

From your toilet.

They are News Sewers.

Donald That Tremor Your Feet Feel Is Not An Earthquake

It is your father laughing at you that hard from hell.




I think I can hear him all the way from Seattle.

Double Current Snap Support Allow All Who Want To Sign Up Immediately

No one should starve in America, or wait 5 hours in a line of cars for food.

The Vaccine Will Be Like The Water Bottles In Puerto Rico


Is Louie Gohmert in charge of vaccines?


New Year's Eve Parties Are Going To Be Very Very Very Bad For America And I Mean Bad

The hospitals / ICU's are full in half the states, and they are running out of pine to build coffins in California.

Think about that.

"L.A. funeral homes running out of wood for coffins from COVID deaths"


A third of America doesn't even try to stay safe, at least more than a little bit.

I know people who are going to large parties. What can I say to them? It's pointless. They think they are special.

Just like congressman elect Luke Letlow thought he was special, until he died from Covid.

I think the people hosting the parties should be arrested, personally, if someone gets infected at their party. Attempted murder. Strip them of their assets to pay for the treatment of their friends.

This is insane.

2 Weeks 2 Million Shots It Will Take 6 Years To Vaccinate America

At this pace.

Let's go golfing!

Hey Georgia Vote Republican So Mitch Can Continue Screwing You Unless You Are A Multi Millionaire

Help the rich, and screw the rest.

The GOP's Platform, in case you didn't know it.


There is a tiny bit of beauty in this statement....

Just a tiny bit.

Danie ~

When Will Trump Pardon Bernie Madoff?

Asking for a friend.

FDR Taxed The Rich - Remember?

From 69% to 18% today.


Making rich people pay taxes used to not be crazy cray cray.

But who was Roosevelt?

Having 30 TRILLION in national debt is so cool.

Wake the f up folks. Its almost too late....
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