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DanieRains's Journal
DanieRains's Journal
December 31, 2019

Leave Hunter Alone - Most Corporations Are Completely Corrupt HERE AND EVERYWHERE ELSE

There are over 70,000 tax loopholes in our IRS Code, all paid for by lobbyists handing out campaign contributions, and funding super pacs with secret money.

In Europe they incorporate in Luxembourg or Ireland and screw the country their stores are in.

91 Fortune 500 companies paid ZERO corporate income tax here. That isn't corruption? Damn right it is.

Our whole system of Wall Street Greed / Theft is corrupt from top to bottom, and through and through.

See ALEC for instance. Corporate written legislation.

Maybe Burisma is more corrupt than Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, BOA, Comcast, Facebook etc? Maybe not.

It is just corruption by different levels of degrees. Possibly different kinds of corruption. Possibly exactly the same, just in a different country, robbing different people, and bribing different politicians in different ways. They don't have 501C3's there. They don't need them.

I read 25,000 people died from taking Vioxx and not one single person went to jail even though executives knew it was deadly.

$$$$ before everything.

Bernie, and Elizabeth have been telling us the game is rigged for years. Carter says we live in an Oligarchy.

IT IS RIGGED. That is why I pay up to half my "wages" in taxes (or more), and billionaires double and triple their wealth and don't pay squat in taxes.

Leave Hunter Alone!!!!

If the system actually worked, Trump would have been locked up years ago for all his crimes, and scams.

Even when crimes are committed, rarely do corporate executives serve prison terms. The company pays a fine, and goes on breaking the law more. Remember when Bank of America was shredding paperwork for loan workouts, so people would get frustrated and settle for worse terms? Lots of crimes. Zero prosecutions. Banks are never prosecuted. How about military contractors that simply don't do crap and pad their bills, and get paid regardless.

It's not about Hunter, it's about worldwide theft of our futures by (almost) ALL CORPORATIONS. The well connected get to rape our futures at will, and never pay the price.

I would assume some corporations aren't completely corrupt, and "do good" but they need to give $$ to their stockholders by any means necessary. Kinda hard not to TAKE THE MONEY.

The game is rigged.

Hunter, take the money. EVERYONE else does. Check out Boehner, and Ryan, and all their friends from both parties. Lobbyists. Milking the gravy train, adding trillions to our debt.

If some corporation offered you $50K a month, would you take the money if you knew you weren't going to jail no matter what?

Damn right you / I would.

Have a great new year friends.

Pay your taxes so the rich can grow their portfolios..... They need new yachts!

December 30, 2019

Hey Pompeo - Give Zelinsky A Gift Of $100,000,000 In Lethal Military Aid For Jerking Him Around

Do the right thing.

Oooops. I forgot. Putin wouldn't like it.


December 30, 2019

I Read The Shakedown / Bribery Of Ukraine Was Up To 7 Felonies - Anyone Seen A Legit List?

I don't see anyone talking about the "crimes committed" just that the actions were an impeachable offense. I think we could use a summary of the crimes by legal scholars.

Anyone seen a summary?


December 30, 2019

How Many Fox News Guests Blame (Jewish) George Soros For Lots Of "Bad Stuff" Over And Over And Over

George Soros / Jew / Caravan Of Criminals / Terrorists!!! - George Soros - George Soros
George Soros / Jew / Caravan Of Criminals / Terrorists!!! - George Soros - George Soros
George Soros / Jew / Caravan Of Criminals / Terrorists!!! - George Soros - George Soros
George Soros / Jew / Caravan Of Criminals / Terrorists!!! - George Soros - George Soros
George Soros / Jew / Caravan Of Criminals / Terrorists!!! - George Soros - George Soros
George Soros / Jew / Caravan Of Criminals / Terrorists!!! - George Soros - George Soros

A typical 5 minutes on Fox October 2018.

Anyone remember?

Some folks in Pennsylvania definitely remember..... I mean the ones that are still alive.

Maybe someone should count the times Mr. Soros has been attacked / smeared on Fox and publish the number.

December 30, 2019

"Releasing The Aid Was In The Interest Of The United States" Like That Matters To Trump

Since when did anything matter to Trump besides Trump?

Lock Him Up.

After Removal.

December 30, 2019

It's 4 AM PDT And Trump Is Still Impeached

Please remind him.

In case he forgot.

December 29, 2019

Trump Is Going To An Evangelicals For Satan Rally Jan 3 In Miami - Wahoo!!!

I wonder of they will bring out pictures of the little kids in the cages so they crowd can cheer, and cheer, and cheer.....

Maybe they will show videos of our storm troopers ripping babies from the arms of their mothers who are fleeing for their lives!

Asylum? A thing of the past. Unless of course you are white.....

The more evil Trump is and does the more the Evangelicals love him.

Ever notice?

Evangelicals have a once in a lifetime opportunity to Heil Hitler, Serve Satan, and Worship Trump The Pussygrabber all at the same time!

Why worship God or Jesus when you can worship Trump?

December 29, 2019

Send The Hate Crime Task Force To The White House

Where hate is Tweeted every 5 minutes by a cornered psychopath.

Then there's this Miller guy.

December 29, 2019

Trump's NaziKlanCult Sure Has Been Attacking A Lot Of Jews Lately

Anyone else notice?

Maybe we should send Rudy....

No wait. Nevermind.

He's one of them.

This crap is getting worse.

Stay strong our Jewish brothers and sisters.

The Trumptanic is taking on water like never before.

December 28, 2019

How Did Trump's Evangelicals For Satan Rally In Miami Go?

I haven't seen anything on the news....

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