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DanieRains's Journal
DanieRains's Journal
December 1, 2019

No One Impeached Bush For Lying About WMD's

Perfect Defense For Trump

Just sayyin.

I watched Green Zone last night.

Made me remember all that "Mushroom Cloud" crap.

Then again there was the Clinton WITCHUNT.

November 28, 2019

I Will Give You $20

Today when your right wing relatives start complaining about Democrats.... Say "If you can name one thing the Republican party truly stands for that isn't EVIL I will give you $20".

They automatically say "Abortion".

Say "No, Republicans are anti woman not anti abortion. The man is ignored while the woman is humiliated or assaulted. Republicans are simply anti fornication.... with no family planning, free contraception and even against sex education."

"Now name something".

Keep your $20.

There is nothing they can name. Just bs.

Be as polite as you can while crushing them.

They can't justify their madness, even for money and we know it.

Point that out if you want....

November 28, 2019

Ask Your Republican Relatives How Their Trip Through The Wormhole Was

Since they come from Planet Foxworld where truth means nothing they have to travel through a wormhole to reach Earth, and the supper table.

Do not let them control "any conversation" about politics.

Trump has told over 14,000 bald faced lies, and if they believe any of them, they are not qualified to have an opinion, unless they agree ahead of time that what they "believe" is based on pure fantasy.

On the campaign trail Trump said he would pay off the national debt if elected. How is that working out? Just one lie.

And yes Trump should be jailed, and not impeached. He has been a criminal his whole life, but in America rich people don't ever get to go to jail unless they rape 100 little girls.

It is called Cognitive Debiasing.

When a human believes something, and sees undeniable proof that what they believe is wrong, they believe it twice as hard. It is what makes people Republicans, and why they watch Fox to get their lies / fantasies reinforced by more lies and fantasies. I remember when Sean Hannity said we found WMD's in Iraq. Great example.

Just remind them that once upon a time one didn't have to be a TRAITOR to vote Republican. In fact you once knew Republicans that didn't think Russia should be 100% in charge of our foreign policy. We supported our allies, and not our enemies.

If they can't stop drooling baseless lies, ask them how many times Jesus would vote to repeal Obamacare. Ask them if they knew that if the 1% paid off our entire national debt they would still have half their wealth.

Let me know if you need more ammo.

I have 500,000 railroad cars full of FACTS you can use on your deranged drooling Republican waste of human life relatives if they won't stop babbling lies.

These days "politics is about right and wrong" and you are glad you are on the side of "right" and "truth" and they simply justify TRUE EVIL. Evil like ripping babies from the arms of mothers fleeing for their lives seeking sanctuary. Remember when America welcomed refugees. Oh wait, only white ones.....

And remind them there is no way any Republican will ever get to Heaven. Heaven is for good people, and not zombies that support lying rapists who enjoys hurting people and do NOTHING but evil and try to hurt more people to avoid justice.

By the way my Republican relatives don't talk politics with me. Ever. They are still family.....

They understand how I feel. Republicans are a Disease.

November 27, 2019

Making False Or Misleading Public Statements - Part Of Nixons Impeachment

And Trump makes Nixon look like George Washington.

I want Trumps public lies about his crimes to be part of his impeachment.

November 25, 2019

David Corn Is Right Nunes Definitely Met With Crooks To Get Dirt If He Didn't He Would Say No

When asked by the reporter.

Devin Nunes admitted meeting with crooks to basically do crime.

November 25, 2019

Trump Got Caught Ratf*cking Joe Biden Just Say It

Republicans don't care because they approve of cheating to win elections.

Please "Media" start using the term ratf*cking to describe what Trump and his criminal accomplices were doing.

The Republicans won't vote to remove him because they approve of cheating to win elections.

It's basically their standard operating procedure.

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