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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

Journal Archives

Our Kids Will Be Paying The $20 A Gallon We Aren't Paying

When climate change works its eventual undeniably coming magic.

Drill now pay later!!!!

Sorry kids.

Is Kushner Being Investigated For Being A Saudi Spy?

Oh, I forgot.

Kushner's type don't count.

Prisons are for the poor.


Putin Is Destroying Russia And Is Too Stupid To Understand

Ukraine will rebuild.

Putin won't be able to steal anything anymore.

Russia's poor will suffer for decades. Generations. Fools.

Just drain all the oligarchs loot and transfer it to Ukraine.

Russia won't recover.

Idaho GOP Candidate For Governor Bragging About His Accomplishments While Trashing President Biden

When it was President Biden's policies and actions that helped Idaho cut unemployment, and create jobs.

Republicans are pure scum.

Inflation = Corporations robbing us blind with record profits / stock buy backs. Never mentioned that. All Biden's fault.

National Debt = Republicans / Conservative's fault because they won't let anyone tax corporations or the insanely rich.

The 1% could pay off our entire national debt, and still be crazy rich.

8 Mile Long Column Of Russian Tanks Will Be 5 Times As Easy To Destroy As 40 Mile Long Convoy


Kick their asses drone dudes!

Life Is About Finding A Cliff

Worth jumping off....

Anthony Bordain

(Into water)

Go Macron

Crush Putin's (insert bad word here).


Putin Would Like To Thank The Entire Fossil Fuel Industrial Supporters

For paying for his munitions.

He uses to kill women and children.

Drill Baby [email protected]$!$$$$

Notice The IRS Doesn't Care About TFG's Lifetime Of Tax Fraud?

Elizabeth Warren is correct.

It's Rigged....

Disney Is Standing Up Against Fascism And Hate

And look how they are being treated by the Fascists....
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