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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 3,136

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What If We Bulldozed Tel Aviv And Built An American Settlement There?

Give the inhabitants one hour to evacuate, and then do what they do to the Palestinians.

Build a settlement.

Say the land belongs to us.

We defeated the Nazis. The land surely belongs to us as much as anyone right?

Ok, ok. The Russians helped too. I never said America did it alone.

Let the Russians bulldoze a city and build a Russian settlement there.

I know this post will be flagged because of simply horrible people that support Palestinian murder, but I said it, and I meant it.

Just trying to put things into perspective.

If there were not settlements, there would be no Hamas firing missiles.


In 10 Years A Gas Powered Car Will Make As Much Sense As A Horse Drawn Carriage

And in 5 years they will have batteries that are just insane. An iPhone that charges in 10 seconds. Car batteries 7 times more powerful than what we have now. Those may take a little longer, but I have read about a few new technologies. Silica, and aluminum etc.

We don't need no stinkin' oil.

Or war for oil.

Or Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, or Venezuela scum getting rich off our oil addiction.

Where Did The $8 Trillion Tr... Borrowed Go?

Under 4 years of the orange asshole Covilgua, the national debt went up 8 trillion. This is before Covid-19. Where did the money go?

Has Anyone Been Watching CNN This Morning?

The Heritige Voter Suppression dark money video by Mother Jones. Franklin Graham moving on but not admitting Tr... lost. Arizona officials had enough of the T.... lies. Enjoying it but should be sleeping.

Man is news becoming news?

Bibi Just Started A War Because Of Politics - Just Say It

He belongs at the Hague. After he serves his time for his corruption.

T...p Is The Definition Of A Flight Risk

With connections in Russia.

Once indicted, he should be arrested, and await trial in jail like anyone else would do.

Do not treat him "special' simply because he is history's biggest cry baby.

The Covid-19 Vaccines The Cheapest Insurance In The History Of Mankind

just sayyin....

Cut Israel Off Now - My Tax Dollars Are Supporting Ethnic Cleansing

Our policy has been let Israel take all the land they want and bulldoze peoples homes.

They want land not peace. All with our help.


Oh, and Israel is not our ally.

MSNBC Never Mentions The Bulldozing of Palestinian Homes When Referring To The Latest Conflict

What's up with that?

I can't say what I really (and I mean really) think.

Y'all can figure it out.

Oh, and their blocking people from the holy sites for Ramadan.

Bibi must be smelling jail.....

Boycott Putins Oil Till He Hands Over The Cyber Crooks

Not that hard to understand.
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