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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

Journal Archives

Life In Prison For Bankers And Lawyers Knowingly Laundering Money


Drug dealers
Corrupt Politicians

Rec if you agree.

MTG Can't Recall If She Took Part In A Coup It Appears

I take that as a yes....

Murdering Civilians Is The Only Thing Russian Soldiers Are Capable Of

Anyone else notice?

Republicans Obviously Serve Satan There Is No Doubt Someone Just Say It

Just because power mad Talibangelicals support Republicans so they can install a theocracy, doesn't mean that any of them are truly Christian.

There is no way Christ would support one single thing the Republican Party of today stands for, or supports.

Since no Democrat has the courage to just come out and say it, this is really, really bad.

Republicans only support billionaires. Period. PERIOD.

The poor, the hungry, the sick, the stranger, the least among us are supposed to be made to suffer and die. The Republican Agenda.

Am I the only one that realizes this?

Please Rec so it may sink in before it is too late.

This needs to be screamed from the rooftops.

Republicans don't give a damn about children by the way. They never did.

Who Here Thinks Jared Kushner Is A Saudi Spy

Besides me?

My Gawd DeSantis Is Big Brother


If Biden Wasn't President 7 Million Jobs Would Not Have Been Created And Covid Would Be Going Nuts

A lying pile of butt hurt scum could not possibly create the jobs the real president did.

Having Jared and Jr. distributing vaccines for favors would mean thousands / millions more would be sick, or dead.

The list goes on.

Thank God Biden Is President.

Just say it in the face of all the corporate owned media mouthpieces.

Over and over.

Thanks Joe Biden.

From Taking Kyiv In 2 Days To Holding Donbas Talk About Mission Creep

Go Fight Win Ukraine.

What If Zelensky Paid TFG The Bribe?

Would he have got anything?

Someone should ask Republicans....

Turn On Rachel Now

Dark money smear machine being exposed. Next.
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