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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 3,136

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Use Some Of The 1%'s $55 Trillion In Wealth To Pay For Infrastructure Electric Vehicle Taxes

Is pure insanity.

Joe, tax Billionaires not electric cars.

The ice is melting.

Of Course There Is A Mass Shooting Today - It's Wednesday

Where do you think you live?


"Looks Like Someone Missed The Bus To Crazy Town" Is What You Tell Them

When you meet someone who says something so stupid you realize they are right wing crackpots, this is what you say.

How you want to make fun of them from here on, or as I do, simply insult them.

If you want to have fun, you say "did you know that no one who supports T***p will be allowed into Heaven. He is so evil that even if you beg forgiveness for your sins it won't work in his case". That really messes them up.


If Bibi Bulldozed The White House

And built a settlement.

Oh nevermind.

CNN Should Show Palestinian Homes Being Bulldozed Instead Of MTG's Holocaust Nonsense

The last thing I want to see on the TeeVee is MTG's face with her lips moving. The last thing I want to hear on the TeeVee is MTG's voice blathering nonsense about the Holocaust.

Who really cares what this ignorant racist white trash hero has to say. Really? She is simply trying to impress people with the intelligence of a pile of dog poop. Actually her supporters are obviously less intelligent than the poop in reality.

Let's put things into perspective instead CNN.

Show the bulldozers "evicting" people in the West Bank.

(Will Never Happen)

Showing bombs, rockets, and buildings being blown up is far better "news" than bulldozers knocking people's homes down to clear the way for settlements.... Heck they don't even show the bodies blown to bits by the Hamas / Israeli munitions.

Watching "news for profit" is literally torture.

Tell you want.

Two state solution with rights for everyone in the region, like the rest of the planet has, and not an apartheid hell hole.

"Yeah That Hurts Doesn't It" All You Need To Know About Ronald Green's Murder

Or brutal death as CNN said on the chyron.

All the cops who covered up his murder and lied to his family need to be prosecuted.

Every Single One.

5 Years In Prison For Torturing Anyone With A Taser Who Is Not Resisting Arrest - Mandatory

That and 1 year in prison for not having your bodycam working (if you turn it off on purpose).

I am sick of watching the police punish people with a taser who are not resisting.

I will give them the benefit of the doubt in a lot of cases, but they taser people to torture them.

I watched the videos.

Yes torturing someone with a taser is better than shooting them, but it is still torture.

5 years assholes.

In the pen.

But Do You Fully Support The Palestinians Right To Defend Themselves?

Oh F No.

I am sick of our Apartheid supporting government.

It's not that complicated.


map of settlements

You got houses? We will bulldoze them.

Your house belongs to settlers.

Just like the Indian land here.

My government sucks.

Take the land, and kill anyone who gets in the way.

Anyone Notice All The White People Standing Behind Abbot When He Signed The Heartbeat Bill In Texas?

Nothing but white people.

What's up with that?

White on white.

Pure white.

And I wonder how many of them adopted some of the 5 million children who need homes in America right now?

What we need is millions more children that no one will take care of properly, because they can't or know they won't.

I like the part of the bible where Jesus talks about attacking women, but not men. I just can't find it.
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