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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 3,136

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Right Wingers Attacking Fauci To Distract Us From The 500,000 Trump Killed By Negligence

Maybe this should be the pushback.

Ya think?

Chris Cuomo's Show Tonight Was Extra Pathetic - Mike Mukasey Gaslighting And No Collusion?

Watching Cuomo bring on "Republicans" to literally lie to our faces, and gaslight us? Really Chris?

I don't get it.

Mukasey said Barr didn't misrepresent the Mueller Report, and went on to defend Barr for the undefensible.


Then Cuomo has on a Republican Congressperson from Florida saying there was no collusion. No collusion huh? Giving campaign data to the Russians so they can target their Hillary attacks is not collusion? What is it then? Treason?

Chris "kinda" pushed back, but it was real weak. Actually pathetic.

They just go on to tell lies.

Chris these people are sickening, horrible traitors. Why have them on?

Just sick.

They just lie to our faces.

Why Have T***pscum Not Been Arrested?

With no arrests the midterms will be a bloodbath.

You couldn't work for "The Don" unless you were crooked.

If there is no law then there is no America.

I Just Got And Idea - Why Don't We Create A 2 State Solution In Israel / Palestine

If either side gives us problems, make them pay.

We can force Israel to stop taking more land, and for once make peace.

Time to fix this problem.

Bulldozing the folks living there into oblivion forever is not an answer.

Facebook Says I Violated Hate Speech Read And Let Me Know If You Agree Please

This is what I posted in response to my Right Wing Nut Job Cousin complaining about BLM protests, kneeling football players, and how they changed America for the worse.

"Once the slaves are finally freed, and have equal rights, I will gladly stand for the national anthem. Nothing to do with honoring the fallen heroes. You going to watch Dreamland? And right now right wing white trash racists are passing laws in almost all 50 states to simply make it harder for minority voters to vote. I know the ruling race doesn't like giving up power, but some Americans are tired of basically having the Klan working to destroy democracy. We are not, and have never been the land of the free, so the national anthem is meaningless until ALL AMERICANS have equal rights."

Would you as a Facebook employee crush me?

Sure I use big words, but I feel they are entirely appropriate. Klan gotta be Klan.

Republicans Luvved Them Sum Democracy Until They Started Losing Elections

Now they simply want to burn it all down.


No way the "Meek shall inherit the Earth" if there is anything they can do about it.

On another note, imagine the amount of hate one must crank up to win a Republican Primary these days.


I mean real scary.

Republicans Decided To Have Democrats Do Investigation So They Can Cry Like Babies On Fox

Saying it is all a witch hunt, and it was Antifa.

Everyone with a working brain knows the truth, but the millions that watch Fox don't.

They are counting on crying like babies about them mean 'ol Dimmocrats instead of holding the traitors accountable.

I really doubt it will work, when a bunch of Republicans still kinda support democracy, kinda.

Another Hacking? Time To Shut Off Russia's Internet Access - Just Do It If They Don't Follow Rules

Dark Ages coming to Russia....

Mitch McConnell Must Have Dementia

He imagines voting against a 1 / 6 commission will make the treason of the traitors trying to stop transfer of power / democracy to simply go away.

His brain is broke.

It's 6:30 AM In Seattle Where Will Today's Mass Shooting Happen?

Asking for a friend.
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