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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

Journal Archives

The Republicans Spouting Replacement Theory Incitement Ad Writes Itself

20 Republicans inciting violence with replacement theory comments.

Line from Buffalo Shooter's manifesto.

Dead bodies.

Tucker's comments.

Dead bodies.

Line from manifesto.

Different dead bodies.

More manifesto, more Republicans, more bodies.

Ask the question.

Will you vote for more violence.....

Inflation Would Be Far Worse If The TFG Coup Worked And He Was Still In The White House

His one goal was to help the billionaires rob the populace more effectively. This causes inflation.

I mean besides his other goal which is to hurt people that don't like him, or his lies, or his crimes, or pretty much every evil thing he stands for.

Republican Stops Critical Aid To Ukraine

That is the headline they won't print.

Rand Paul Helping Russia Take Over Ukraine By Delaying Aid No Other Way To Look At It

I hear Rand Paul is forming a Putin / Russia Caucus among the Republicans.....

Press Conferences Of Democratic Senators Screaming Bloody Murder About Rand Paul's Ukraine Aid Hold?


This is the problem.

Protest at Rand's house by others?

How about Ukrainians living the US going to pay Rand a visit at his house?


Putin wins again.

McCain: Rand Paul 'is now working for Vladimir Putin'


McCain understood.....

Rand Paul Is Obviously A Russian Asset

No other explanation.

Anderson Cooper: There Is No Shame Anymore

Anderson got that one right.....

Jan 6 Republican traitors.

Is The Devil You Know A Banned Book

Asking for 40 million friends.

Republicans Are Right Now Sabotaging The Economy So Recession Comes / Gets Worse

There is not one thing Republicans are working on right now to create jobs, or help out small businesses like where I work.


Sabotage Biden.

Their "midterm" strategy.

That, and lie about the true causes of all of our problems.

What Percentage Of Inflation Rate Is Corporations Raising Prices For Big Profits?

BP tripled it's profit in the 1st quarter for example.

Gimme a number to sound off.

America = Ran By Monopolies.
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