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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 3,696

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MSNBC Should Be Replaying Clips Of Rachel's Show All Day

Explaining how the surrender of the Afghan Army began 18 months ago when TFG coordinated our pullout with the Taliban.

Why Does America Always Support Corrupt Assholes?

Mubarak, Sadam, Afghani, the list goes on. Think about Saudi Arabia. Made some clown family billionaire kings.

Time we made something great besides oil companies, and defence contractors.

Taliban Just Made TFG An Honorary Member

For letting 5,000 of them out of prison, and surrendering in Doha.

Make Afghanistan Great Again

Slobfather Had Pompeo Surrender To Taliban A Year And A Half Ago

The rest was just logistics.

Rachel explained it so clearly.

We're leaving, it's all yours.

Great deal by the greatest deal maker in the universe.

I guess Pompeo didn't tell Joe....

Barbara Effing Lee

Profile in courage, and vision.

I Blame Afghanistan Not TFG Bush Or Biden

All the bribes, military, and other help, and good wishes in the world barely moved their cultural needle.

Power Craving Religious Fundamentalist Psychopaths are the planet's curse.

History repeats.

History repeats.......

Fox News Is America's Biggest Mass Murderer

Fox supported TFG while he did nothing about Covid-19 while it spread out of control.

They helped spread lies about Covid-19.

They convinced millions of Americans to not trust anyone or anything related to our health, and the health of others.

Fox showcased unvaccinated unmasked virus spreading murderers as freedom fighters.

I could go on.....

Fox and others are right now committing mass murder with propaganda, lies, and dis-information.

Just say it.

And no, Ronald Scum Reagan, government is not the problem. Ignorant power mad assholes who love watching others suffer while calling themselves "christian" is the problem. Them, and the fraud politicians who appease their madness.

With No Dramatic Climate Action We Will Have Zero Security

Politicians can drool garbage all they want. We are literally on fire and it will be much hotter and drier soon.

If it isn't about dealing with Hothouse Earth it's bullshit to me.

Wait till you have no food then disagree.

Make gas $20 a gallon and use $15 collected to plant trees.

Or burn.

TFG Made The Deal With The Taliban Not Joe

In case people are blaming the wrong people for the madhouse in Kabul.


Ali Velshi Is A Kenyan Born Muslim And He Never Saw Obama In Any Of The Meetings

He just said filling in for Lawrence.....

Who cares what TFG said.
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