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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 3,696

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None Of The Monkeys Flying Out Of The Media's Ass Remembered To Mention...


Until Rachel.

Thanks Rachel for being one in a million.


They Never Mention TFG Surrendered In Doha When Showing The Madness At The Airport


Not what our billionaire owned media is good at.

TFG brags about sabotaging Afghanistan, and the media is all over Biden for not cleaning the mess up properly.

Putin Had Traitor TFG Surrender To The Taliban

I guarantee that is the deal.

Regardless who is in the White House when there is carnage with the Afghanistan pullout, Putin wins.

God, it isn't that complicated.

This is what happens when Putin runs our country.

Eat Sh*t Republican Crybabies.

Blame Putin and TFG for surrendering, not the guy that had to evacuate with 2,500 troops.

Afghanistan - What A Beautiful Trap Putin and TFG Laid For Joe Biden

TFG had already surrendered in Doha, and the Taliban had most of the country secured before Joe got his first briefing.

Now it is decision time.

If we don't surge to protect "everyone" from the 2,500 troops left, the Taliban takes over, all Joe Biden's fault.

Look at the endless roll of videos on the MSM.

Republicans win!

What a beautiful trap.

Biden then said we're leaving, let's leave.

(Taliban by the way is not shooting at us for now, which is good)

Joe had a poker hand of a 3 and no cards coming when TFG left office.

No help with transition from previous administration, remember.

During transition I am sure the Taliban lined up even more surrenders.

Putin and Trump set a beautiful trap.

Give them credit.

No (non) pile of media scum will simply say it.

Republicans win, America and freedom/democracy supporters lose.

Same old song and dance.

America last.


Biden Had To Defend The Embassy Bagrahm And Kabul With 2,500 Troops

While extracting 150,000 plus when the Taliban already controlled half the country, and had checkpoints in 80% of the country.

Just think about how we are doing with what TFG left us with.

Biden could have been more honest and explained how TFG had already surrendered, and set the trap for Americans and our soldiers and crippled the Afghan Government. He didn't.

I bet it was Putins plan. TFG couldn't think of a trap this complicated and simple on his own.

Biden is supposed to play poker, but only got one card in January.

We were screwed from day one.

The only thing we could do was surge for possible extractions after the Taliban took control, after being handed the country by TFG.


No Andrea Mitchell Biden Could Not Ignore TFG Deal And Stay In Afghanistan

TFG already unleashed the Taliban, and pulled out almost all the troops.

Biden could only manage TFG's surrender and withdrawl.

I hate right wing framing by media scum.

New Term - Trump Sympathizer

Let's just start using it everywhere but here.

Here it is TFG Sympathizer.

Sorry for using the T word, but I had to.

Thanks Rachel For Making Me Feel A Tiny Bit Better



Who Else Thinks TFG Personally Benefitted From The Taliban Surrender? Took A Bribe?

The Taliban bribes, and shakes down everyone.

It is how they do business.

It is how TFG does business.

Who would think they didn't have a few million in a Swiss bank account with TFG's name on it?

How Many Other Republicans Already Got Their Booster Shots Like The Texas Governor?

Why isn't our "wonderful" media asking for us?

I want to know.

Who else wants to know?
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