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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
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We Need To Make Republicans Pay For Their Voter Suppression - Sue Them Personally By The Thousand?

Republicans can only win if they cheat, even if the billionaire owned media is helping them along with Russia.

They openly perform voter suppression.

From Florida in 2000, Crosscheck, and on and on and on. It is blatant, in our face, and it seems there is nothing we can do.


Having the ACLU sue them is one "thing" we can do, but Republicans keep doing it, and nothing bad happens to them. It takes 6 hours of standing in lines to vote in "minority areas" but 5 minutes in "rural areas". Then in Durham the voting machines "break down" in the majority minority areas. They make voter id the law of the land, then close offices where you can get id.

We need to find an EFFECTIVE WAY to stop them in their tracks.

Maybe millions of us could sue the people in charge personally.

We have to do something!!!!!

Just look at Wisconsin and Georgia.

We are being screwed out of our vote, and our power year after year.

Making it twice as hard for Democrats to vote is part of how the Slimy GOP keeps power. They do it openly.

Any ideas other than just standing in line hour after hour?

Trump Doesn't Want To Go To Prison - It Is That Simple - Impeach/Remove/Arrest Conviction Coming

Trump has been doing crimes his whole life. Tax fraud. Charity fraud. Money laundering. God knows what else. (Try Rape)

Once Trump is out of office the cuffs will most likely go on.

Scorched Earth Time right Criminal Trump?

Nancy Pelosi Afraid? Gimmee A Break - Provide The Witnesses You Chicken Sh*t - Oh They Say Guilty

Trump won't provide witnesses because he is guilty of multiple crimes. Scaramucchi is correct. They would all testify on exactly how Trump told them to break what laws.

Republicans are just a bunch of criminals covering for each other.

Fareed Zakaria How Much Are You Paid To Lie To Me - The Economy Sucks Stop Lying

We are racking up debt like there is no tomorrow, and have deregulated polluters so Trump can "juice" the numbers. Americans and our children are being loaded up with debt, and polluters are passing the poison onto us so we can just die sooner someday. Deregulating polluters to "help" the economy. Idiotic if not simply murder. MURDER.

How much are you paid to lie to my face with your "media" friends telling me the economy is doing well?

Social Security got a 1.1% COLA raise. Like that will keep up with rent or bills anywhere?

Why are you pretending the economy is doing good, when so few are actually benefiting Fareed?


There is more than GDP, Dow Jones, and Unemployment. How about life expectancy, stress, savings, bankruptcies, and cost of health care. How about national debt load?

Half America is one boo boo from bankruptcy, and living in a tent.

Stop lying to me CORPORATE MEDIA. The economy is only good for the 1%.

America Is Divided - Democrats And People That Don't Believe In Any Laws Being Obeyed

Thank God I am a Democrat.

We Are Not Prepared For Deep Fake Videos - Patrick Maloney

We are going to have videos of people saying things they never said that look real. They are called deep fakes. Computer generated fake videos of real people.

What the hell can we do?

Trump Committed Multiple Crimes In The Ukraine Shakedown / Election Cheating - Republicans Dont Care

I have heard it was up to 7 different felonies Trump's gang committed.

They won't let anyone testify because they are guilty as hell.

Republicans don't care because it was all about cheating to win the next election, and that is fine with them.

Just remember to frame it properly.

Trump was openly cheating knowing Republicans would help him by giving him cover.

Ok Mitch. Whatchagonnado?

Help the criminal get off so he can commit more crimes?

Frame It Properly!!!!!!

"The Media" Is Finally Talking About Trump Being A Cult Leader - It's About Time

I have been telling my Trump Friend (yes I have one) Trump was a NAZI Cult Leader for years. When someone openly lies, and demands you believe their lies, and say you have to believe them, and no one else while they are openly lying it is a CULT.


Trump knows he is a cult leader, throwing his raving lunatic followers red meat on a daily basis by tweet. Hurting more and more people for their appreciation like it is a sad sick sport. Reminds me of Ancient Rome. Bread and Circus.

The Media is actually talking about this simple fact on the Tee Vee finally.

Trump = Cult Leader

It's about frigging time if you ask me.

Anyone else notice his "followers" on the house floor babbling pure insane nonsense during the impeachment hearing? It was truly sickening.

I just with I heard the term "15,000 lies" a lot more often when "commentators" and Democrats talk about Trump, and the evil thing he is doing at that moment. 15,000 lies. That needs to sink in. Every time the word Trump is spoken 15,000 should be in the same breath.

At least for a couple of "White Evangelicals" the stench is getting too much to take.

It is a real good sign.

Now Trump is calling Evangelicals "liberals".


CNN You Suck You Go Looking For Crybaby Trump Voters Never Interview People Who Had Food Stamps Cut

And have to listen to their hungry children crying themselves to sleep. You never interview people that went bankrupt because their wife or child got sick. People who had to quit work to take care of a loved one, or had a million dollars in medical bills, and weren't lucky enough to get a job with Cadillac Health Care. You are more propaganda for the status quo than NEWS.

These inbred Trump Scum get to hear "the media" telling them how good the economy is day after day, when they are working twice as hard for half as much as their parents. And they go bankrupt when they get sick, even if they have jobs or insurance. Not to mention they pay taxes up the ass while the 1% get to double and triple their wealth without paying any taxes. CNN You Suck.

What billionaires own CNN anyway?

The Economy Sucks!!!!!

We pile a trillion in debt on our children every year, while poisoning their environment like there is no tomorrow. The only jobs the future will bring is fire fighters, flood damage cleaners, grave diggers, and coffin makers. Oh and healthcare workers because of all the poisons the "deregulated" industries can now dump on our families.

CNN come to Seattle and ask anyone what they think about impeaching the cult leader who has told 15,000 lies, and got caught openly cheating to "win" the next election.

I bet your answer would be different than one from a drooling Trump Cult Member who doesn't have as single working brain cell.

You always go to "farmville" because it is the only places you can find people stupid enough to believe Trump's lies.

Go to LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, or even New York, or Boston and ask someone WITH AN EDUCATION what they think.

I have nothing against farmers, or farming. It is just there are more people's opinions out there that never get asked what they think about the lying traitor piece of racist scum in the White House who is openly stealing our tax dollars to enrich himself.

Mitch - Fair Trial Or No Trial


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