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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
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100 Jurors Would Vote To Remove Trump

In a real trial.

Pollsters Why Don't You Ask "Does Donald Trump Deserve To Be Impeached"

I would love seeing the answer to this question.

You could preface it with a push statement. "After telling 15,000 lies does Donald Trump deserve to be impeached" or something like this.

Impeachment is ugly. Many oppose it because it is so ugly, not because the lying piece of human filth doesn't deserve being locked up.

Trillion Dollar Deficit When The Economy Is Doing "Good" What's Up With That?

I think it is a sham Donnie.

Give me a trillion free dollars, and I could make anything look good.

The economy sucks for everyone but the 1% when you count on our kids paying off the money we borrow to afford the few extra crumbs we have gathered since 2016.

Trump promised on the campaign trail he was gonna pay off the national debt. Remember?

How is that working out Donnie Dipsh*t?

Its Not Like Trump Deserves Being Impeached / Removed

Like he did something bad.

F the constitution!

Dems Go After Moscow Mitch And Loser Lindsey Make Having A BS Trial In The Senate Unbearable

They already admitted Trump is innocent, before the trial.

Every democrat should pick up a stick and beat them relentlessly before they let Trump off the hook.

Boom, boom, boom...

Trump was caught cheating and Republicans won't do anything about it. They are cheaters too. They have to cheat and they know it.

Beat them down relentlessly.

While Trump Does A Crime Ever 5 Minutes Republicans Complain About The FBI Being Sloppy


It seems the Republicans are more worried about sloppy paperwork then the attack.

Imagine after 9-11 the were worried about people taking flying lessons and completely ignored the towers being knocked down, and the Pentagon hit. This amounts to about the same thing.

America attacked, and Republicans don't even want to blame the attackers.


Trump Would Be Removed By Any Fair Jury

Start saying it now.

Repeat it constantly.

Make it as painful as possible for Senate Republican Traitors to let him off the hook for his crimes.

The world knows what he did.

Beat his unpatriotic defenders relentlessly. Then beat them a whole lot more.

Change the narrative by force.

Tom Steyer If We Had Term Limits We Wouldn't Have Nancy Pelosi - Bad Idea

The problem is money destroying our democracy, not people who want to spend a lifetime serving constituents.

It's who they work for, not how long they serve Mr. Steyer.

Many of my friends in congress have served multiple terms, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Greta Thunberg Shoud Tweet Herself Watching Interstellar

To make the point.


Unless of course the future is worse....

The Kangaroo Senate Will Not Remove Trump

No matter how many crimes he has committed.

Kangaroo Senate

From now on thats what we call it.

Please rec.
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