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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 3,475

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If You Are Not Vaccinated You Are Obviously Too Stupid Or Brainwashed / Brain Damaged To Work For Me

That's just the way it is.

Have The 1% Use Some Of Their $55 Trillion To Pay To Fix Our Crumbling Infrastructure Not The Poor

There, now do it.

It's not really complicated.

"Election Liars" Is What Jake Tapper Called Gym Jordan and Jim Banks On State Of The Union

That's how it's done Jakey! Pat Toomey (who is worried about where the money to pay for infrastructure is coming from) said absolutely nothing about the liars being removed. Just complained about having a real investigation.

Anyone Know Why Bezos' Rocket Ship Looks Like A Penis And No One Else's Does?

I mean there must be something going on there.

DeSantis Is Not A Narcissist Like TFG He Is A Calculated Murderer

The former asshole in chief cared nothing for others his whole life. It was all transactional. I am sure his Klan father played a big part in his issues.

DeSantis is something far worse. He doesn't have the same mental problems. He is a calculated cold blooded killer. He scripts every move, and sees dead Floridians as pawns who died for the king.

Sick, and sicker.

Rachel Is Q!!!

She just said so.

Glad that's all over now....

Just Try And Name Something Better Than Jack In The Box Tacos

I dare you.

Think Of What You Could Do If You Never Paid Income Tax - Just Look At Bezos

You could be a Space Cowboy!

Don't have time to think about it. Can't see 5 blocks because of the smoke.


Companies Couldn't Buy Back Their Stocks Until Reagan Changed The Rules - Don't Forget

One of the many reasons for the slow decline of worker compensation, and rise of huuuuge government debts.

The old days corporations re-invested their profits, or paid dividends that got taxed (at a low rate of course but was tax revenue).

Just sayyin...

Crime Is Up Slightly Because Reaganomics Has Failed

Helping the rich rob the poor was the plan. Now there is too many poor.
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