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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
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Wow Gatez Is Speaking He Must Have Escaped From His Straight Jacket

And snuck past security.


Jason Smith Says He Is From The Show Me State - You Can't Show Someone Blind Anything

You have blind loyalty to Donald Trump.

There is nothing we can show you that would make any difference.

And yes letting polluters poison our country is great for profits!!!!

Profit robbing regulations baaaad.....

It's Not That Trump Got Caught Cheating - He Knew He Could Cheat And Get Away With It

I realized this this morning. Trump knew "people" knew about the shakedown operation of Ukraine. Many were "on the call" and heard every word of the extortion attempt / bribery. Trump understands he is so powerful that with the backing of Hate Radio and Fox News, and the sold out / terrified / cowardly Republicans, and his cult, he can do anything he wants.

Trump openly cheated, knowing he could get away with it.

This is the real problem. I saw Republican after Republican after Republican openly lie with a straight face defending him for the last month.

Now Mitch will let him off the hook. Everyone knows it.

Something must be done.... No idea what, but I don't want to live in a dictatorship.

Cuomo Just Shut Up - The Vitriol In Today's Politics Is Not The Democrats Fault - Not One Bit

I am sick of this asshole on CNN.

Trump is 10 times more vile, and disgusting than all the Democrats combined. Just ask Rosie O-Donnell.

Democrats pass bills, and Mitch doesn't do a damn thing. 400 bills. Dead in the Senate. All with popular support nationwide.

I am tired of the false equivalency you spew every night Chris. I watched the hearings, and the endless stream of lies and distortions by Nunes and company. It is maddening. Defending the indefensible with pure garbage. All to cover up TRUMP'S CRIMES.

You make me sick Cuomo.

Sure one Democrat at one time said impeach the MF but compared to the constant barrage of lies, abuse, filth, and pure sickness coming from the sewer we call the Republican Party it means nothing. Nothing. NOTHING!!!!

From birtherism, to putting babies in cages. There is no comparison. One party has basically sold out to Russia, and does daily evil acts to impress evil sociopaths, and white supremacists, and somehow Democrats complaining about it makes us just as bad?

Cuomo go get a real job. I refuse to watch you spewing your bile ever again.

Yes, boycott. And your Republican traitor friends can all burn in hell too.

Ok Don Lemon is on. Thank God. How he can "put up" with you is beyond me.


So I have watched Rachel twice, Lawrence once, and Brian. Now Lawrence is on again. Should I watch Lawrence twice, or switch to CNN so I can see "the hosts" treat Republicans far better than they deserve?

Not sure what to do.

On CNN you will get Santorum (google it), Kasich, and worse spewing their lies, and covering up the turds in the GOP cat box. All the time Anderson and the others call them out on their lies, but they just keep on lying. I kinda don't like being lied to, but it is Impeachment Eve, and I feel like watching news.

MSNBC (more) or CNN


Attacking Lisa Page Another Impeachable Offense

How can we best support her?

This is what you get when you serve your country.


Donnie Dumb As A Box Of Rocks Thought His Impeachment

Would be beneficial politically. For real.

Heard on Hardball.

Just one more thing the moron got wrong.

The stench of your corruption and crimes is now sticking to your Republican accomplices now too.

Enjoy your impeachment tomorrow Mr. 30% approval.

And if all the rats go down with your ship it will be fine with me Donnie. Good riddance.

Who Else Donated To Mrs. Slotkin?

I did, and she's not my rep.

If Republicans Weren't Corrupt Traitors The Impeachment Would Be Unanimous And Bi-Partisan

Since Republicans think America is a lawless dictatorship, and as long as the dictator represents them, they don't give a damn about the constitution, foreign interference, or the rule of law.

Only traitors are supporting Trump. Ok, some imbecile cult scum, but mostly traitors.

The removal of they TRAITOR TRUMP should be unanimous.

Tom Cole Is A Liar

Someone in the press should have ran a counter during his opening speech, and ticked off the lies.

Water is wet! Witch Hunt!!!!
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