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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Republicans - Christine Todd Whitman Has More Balls Then All The Rest Of You Cowards

Gov Whitman to Dump: Go back to your bunker and let the real leaders solve our problems.


Republicans are huddled in their bunkers with wet diapers, afraid of a nasty tweet by Trump I would suppose....

While the country burns.

The only winner here is Putin.

Donald Trump Will Do Nothing To Solve The Current Crisis If It Pisses Off His Klan Base

There is no way Trump would insult the "good people" of the Klan. There will be no mention from Trump about torturing and killing people of color in the line of duty. He doesn't have it in him.

Trump's only plan is more murders, and military to keep order.

Governors, mayors, you are on your own.

Trump may posture with "listening" but doing? Ain't gonna happen.

November is coming....

Mark Zuckerberg Would Have Facebook Broadcast Adolf Hitler's Message If It Would Sell Advertising

He only cares about stockholders.

$$$$$$ - Welcome to the "New Corporate America".

The good of the country, my country, our country mean nothing / little to corporations.

Greenwashing will only get someone so far.

Facebook's Zuckerberg faces employee backlash over Trump protest comments



Kareem Abdul Jabbar Said He Saw A Sign At A Minnesota Protest "Do You Hear Me Now"

I am 110% sure Donald Trump heard some different kind of message.

Send in the military. His only solution. Now he is hiding in the bunker in the White House with the lights turned off. Hoping the protesters will "go away".....

For me?

1000% with the protesters.

0% with the looters.

And that girl in front of REI in California, she should get the medal of freedom. Along with the other guy in the crowd.

It Is Almost Time To Flee To Russia Donald

On Jan 21 you will be arrested.

You know this right?

Flee while you can.

You criminal.

Speaking Of Looting - The Trump Kids Looted Their Charity

And of course they didn't get arrested because it isn't really a crime if a rich person did it.


Laws are only for the poor, and the powerless.

Epstein had to rape 100 little girls before he had to face any music. Remember the FBI sealed all the files on all his rich friends raping little girls too.

Maybe someone should open some of them files?

Ya think?
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