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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Donald Trump Isn't Playing 3 Dimensial Chess

He's eating the chess pieces.

Per Morning Joe.

F Your Storm Troopers Trump - We Are Coming For You Even If You Make It To November

Maybe you should flee to Russia now Donnie Asshole.

It will only get worse for you, and your criminal friends going forward.

Leave now your racist lying scumbag traitor.

America needs a leader not an instigator / divider.

I can't wait till you are frog marched off to prison with your criminal children, and your corrupt helpers.


Getting So Bad For Republicans Bush Jr Is Going To Speak

The guy who ran out of town with the entire house burning down around his / our ears.

Think about how bad it has to be for Republicans to bring out Bush from obscurity.

Head to the storm shelter! Fire in the hole. She's gonna blow..... End Times....

When Will You Arrest Your Children For Charity Fraud Trump? Mr. Law And Order My Ass

You and your family are a bunch of criminals.

I can't wait to see the knee on your neck Donnie Death.

Rick Scott's Company Stole Billions From The Government And He Did No Jail Time

George Floyd tried to buy cigarettes with a fake $20 bill and he was tortured and murdered by the police.

If anyone asks you why you are so upset, or why you are protesting, just use this one.

Nuff Said.

Trump Has Always Dreamed Of Attacking Them Left Wingers Who Hate Him

Yesterday he got his chance.

Why would anyone hate Fearless Leader Trump?

The lying, racist, privileged, corrupt, child stealing psychopath controlled by the Russian Mob?

I wonder what chapter in Mein Kampf inspired Trump to do his little stunt yesterday.....

When Trump touched that bible, why didn't he instantly burst into flames? Because there is no god?

Why Is It That So Many People Are Looting?

It's like they have no respect for the law.

Imagine that.


I am trying to wrap my head around it. I would never break windows and steal stuff, but many others feel differently. Ideas why?

The 1% Has Been Looting Us For A Generation

What Is A Little Broken Glass Compared To Trillions Stolen From The Powerless?

I don't approve of looting, but it us usually done by the filthy rich who are above the law, and don't pay taxes like working fools.

They didn't get their 50 TRILLION by playing by any fair rules now did they?

The government works for them. For every penny a person gets on welfare some fat cat gets a Caddillac.

Is That The Same Bible Trump Held While Grabbing Women By The Pus..

I mean holding bibles makes it all right right?

When you are famous you can do anything you want.

Those aren't my words....

If Trump Was Really For Law And Order He Would Turn Himself In And Confess To All His Crimes

Imagine a career criminal like Trump giving a speech on law and order.

Charity fraud.
Tax fraud.
Self dealing.
Money laundering.
Sexual assault.

I could go on for a while longer, but you get my drift.

There will be no mention of solutions to the problems of police killing unarmed people I am sure when Trump give his stupid speech.

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