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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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It Cost 7 Trillion To Take Out Saddam Of Course There Is No Money For The Poor

And that's just one war.

Since so many died in Russia, and Iran, maybe trying to get along a little better might make sense for all ya think?

Please Watch Cornell West On Brian Williams Show Rerun In A Few Minutes

I always talk about the 1% and the wealthy and powerful.

I am glad that a professor from 4 different colleges, and who wrote 20 books agrees with me 100%.

Thank You Cornell.

I am glad you also understand Dr. West.

What Would Hitler Do?

Just explaining Trump's current mindset.

Mein Kampf doesn't have a chapter on the whole world rising up against you while you tweet from your bunker. Surrounded by a cage manned by prison guards.

Poor Lives Matter

This movement would really scare the crap out of the 1%.

Our owners.

They need the police to keep the poor, and our screwed over kids in line.

Please rec.

Trump: Look At These Numbers Here - Not All Those Numbers Over There

Wealth Accumulation Of Wealthy?
More Pollution?
Even More Pollution?
Insane Amounts Of Pollution From De-Regulation?
Estimated Number Of People Who Will Die From Extra Pollution?

How About:

Destroyed Lives From Virus Being Ignored?
Dead Guys?
Not Enough Test Kits From Beginning Of Problem?
No Plan?
No Leadership?
Castrating The CDC?
Destroying The Pandemic Response Team?
Ignoring The Pandemic Response For Dummies Manual Left By Susan Rices's Group?

I have to go to work. I can't list all the disasters the Trump Gang of Criminals have caused, but you all get the idea right?

Please list all the other stuff Trump forgot to mention this morning if you feel like it.

Peace Out.

Stay Safe.

Cops Beating People Protesting Police Violence

Its like a feedback loop that never ends. Buffalo, Sacramento, protesters being attacked for protesting.

Not looking good folks.

Just Found Out I Lost My Cousin To Coronavirus

She is dead because Trump was worried about being re-elected.

That's why.


Why was there only 4 Coronavirus deaths in Hong Kong?

Because Trump isn't their president.

You Disrespected The Flag When You Voted For Trump


Sorry man.

Does Anyone Know Of A Complete List Of Trump's Crimes Since He Was Young?

I mean besides the rape, and sexual assault, and money laundering, and tax fraud, and charity fraud, and self dealing.

Any complete list anywhere?

I Feel So Disappointed About What Won't Happen After The Protests

Can anyone name any billionaires that have ever served jail time? There may be one, but I can't think of any. I don't think Epstein was a billionaire, unless his extortion was more extensive than the feds are telling us. The contents of his safes are still secret.

Absolutely there needs to be outrage and protests over the torture and murder of George Floyd. But that is only one part of the problem. I believe people who do crimes should go to jail, but the problem is only half the crimes are prosecuted. When it is a poor powerless person doing the crime, they go to jail. When it is a person like Rick Scott, who ran a company who stole billions from the government, he goes on to the Senate. It is too much trouble to prosecute the Rick Scott's of the world, regardless of their crimes. An organization who defrauded Medicare for BILLIONS and no one was arrested. You try defrauding Medicare and see what happens.

We absolutely need nationwide police reform.

What we also need is justice for ALL AMERICANS. All the energy of the protests and I know the other half of the problem will not be addressed. It makes me sad. The fact that the wealthy can bribe, steal, defraud, rape, pollute, pillage, and do anything they want, the their lawyers "will take care of it". The fact that the 1% gets to steal everything they want is the main reason why so many are poor, and resort to violence and crime. Many know the law actually means absolutely nothing and jail is part of life for millions. It's just jail. I know many know what I am saying. I have heard it repeated many times over.

We need to fix the bad killer cop problem, but we need to fix the prison is only for the poor problem too.

They can start by opening up the FBI files on all Epstein's friends who also raped all them little girls. Powerful Democrats and Republicans did real bad stuff, and the records were sealed. Why sealed? Because they FBI doesn't go after rich people for crimes thousands of poor people are doing time for.

Time the other half changed too.

Why I wrote this is because none of the protesters, or experts are even mentioning this. The Trumps of this world get to do all the crime they want and are never held accountable. No one will say it. There is more to our country's problems than killing unarmed minorities, and saying the justice system is "unfair" doesn't really do it for me.

30 days from now the 1% will be bribing, polluting, stealing, corrupting, illegally donating, and illegally pulling strings, and nothing will happen to them. I just wish some "expert" will mention this.

Start by making Epstein's safe's contents public. Who did he have pictures of?
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