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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Trump When You Move On Seattle The Troops Will Join The Protesters - Ya Think Of That?

Of course not.

Because you are the stupidest person ever born, except for anyone who believes your lies.

Why would the soldiers, who are poor as crap, shoot people who are complaining about too many poor people created by a system where the 1% steals everything, and never pays a price, or taxes.

The troops should be on the side of the protesters. I am sure the generals agree.

Maybe you could get your Obese MAGA Scum to "clean them out".

We Need A Real Doctor Team To Do A Real Physical On Trump


He has the codes.

Rut Roh - How Many Cops Are Criminals With Insane Superiority Complex Issues

Who are cops to abuse others for pleasure.

I know many join to actually serve and protect their communities but how many enjoy abusing others and getting paid to do it.

This is a whole herd of elephants in all rooms.

Amazing no one has asked this question so far.

The Billionaires Get Trillions And Nurses Can't Even Get PPE - Insane USA

America Convulses in Pain, Fed Bails Out the Wealthy


So the Fed printed $2.9 trillion since early March. Thatís about $22,000 per household. For the bottom half of households, $22,000 would have helped a lot to get through the crisis.

"You Can't Blame It All On One Political Party" Says Chris Cuomo - Bull

One party is helping the wealthy rob us, especially the poor and minorities.

One Party Helps The Robber Barons.

It isn't the Democratic Party.

I can barely stand Cuomo's show because he treats Republicans like they aren't truly lying voter suppressing scum.

Watching CNN? 4 Cops Choking Another Person To Death My Gawd How Many Have They Killed?

Choke them till they stop moving, then strap them in a chair.


I don't care if he was resisting "before". There were 4 cops. Cuff them and put them in a cell. Don't choke them to death.


Trump Really Is That Phenomenally Stupid - Holding Rally In Place Signifying Race Massacre

On Juneteenth.

Somehow he thinks there are more racists in America than there are good people.

Sorry Donald. You are dead wrong. Just because you surround yourself with racists it doesn't make it real everywhere.

Us good people outnumber racist nazi confederate white trash scum 2 to 1. Maybe 3 to 1.

You might win Allibamma and Mississiisisisisisisipi and maybe a couple more states filled with white trash racist scum, but your racist ship is sinking.

It's too bad George, Trayvon, Tamir, Eric, and ALL the others had to expire to remind Americans we may have souls, and a sense of right and wrong when it comes to torture, and murder of citizens of color.

Trump thinks racists can take him over the top.

What a moran.

Remember Don Siegelman Won - They Changed The Vote Totals And Sealed The Ballots

And the the Republicans threw him in jail for complaining about being robbed.

And few Democrats helped him.

100 Attorneys Generals complained. Nothing happened.

Be A Democrat Win An Election Go To Jail.

Of course they will steal the election Biden.


Citizens Are Now Recording Cops As They Assault Citizens For No Reason - My Gawd

I am afraid there is not enough gigabits on the internet to hold all that video......

I am scared for the internet.

No One With A Working Brain Supports Trump

Anyone still supporting Trump is a psychopath.

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