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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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"So I Said To My People Slow The Testing Down Please" Trump's Own Words

Every single Covid-19 death in America is Trump's fault.


(Not China's Fault)

Evangelicals Are More Anti Fornication Than Anti Abortion

Real sex education? Nope.
Free birth control? Nope.
Family planning? Nope.
Affordable / free health care for teenage girls? Nope.

Just get married, and do whatever the "man" wants.

If a girl / women gets pregnant, they are humiliated, or simply denied services.

The man? Nothing. Not even mentioned.

Maybe someone should talk about all this....

They are anti fornication.

Hey Donald... Tik Tok


Punked by teenagers twice as smart as your whole campaign.

Murdock and Putin won't be able to save you this time.

Can't you just smell the jail Donnie Don.


Official Coronapalooza thread.


Typhoid Trump Makes Typhoid Mary Look Like Nurse Of The Year

Kinda has a ring to it.

What do your friends think?

Typhoid Trump in Tulsa.....

Typhoid Mary Trump Should Be Trending

By now.


Trump's Death Cult Gets Their Poison Tomorrow

Then they will leave and super spread to other non-mask wearers.

It truly is a death cult.

I Want To Sue Anyone Who Gets Within 6 Feet Of Me Not Wearing A Mask Indoors

I am tired of excuses. If everyone wore masks in public this virus would be over. I don't want to hear it.

Actually I want to do far more than sue people threatening my life, and the life of my family, but I can't say it here.

Let's start by suing them. Reckless endangerment.

So far I have kept my mouth shut, but I won't be able to for much longer.

There is a reason we are still in the first wave when other nations are almost back to normal because they have brains per capita far above the USA and they ALL WEAR MASKS IN PUBLIC.

Lying Criminal Asslicking Traitor Rudy Giuliani Calls Bolton A Back Stabber

I am sure that will leave a mark....

That's howwible.

Rudy, why have you not been arrested? Oh, I forgot. Barr.


Joe Biden Should Invite Trump To Run A Couple Laps With Him

They could talk as they run too!

Kinda like a friendly jog?

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