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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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$10,000 Fine For Not Wearing Properly Facemask In Public Nationwide

One way to get virus under control.

Texas Should Order 5000 Refrigerator Morgue Trucks Right Now

Half the state's citizens won't wear face masks, or distance.

Superspreaders everywhere.

The bodies will be piled like cordwood.

Kinda sucks for the Americans who want to stay alive doesn't it.....

Maybe You Should Double Your Life Insurance If Your Governor Is Republican

Even if they are trying to do a good job, Trump will be working against them.

Sucks to be you....

Republicans Don't Want To Ban Police Choking People


Wearing A Mask Makes You A Liberal Democrat Ask Any Republican

Republicans have the right to not wear masks.


I should have the right to not pay their medical bills since they are committing suicide, and homicide.

Just sayyin....

Arizona ICU Beds Almost All Full - Good Job Trump / Gov Ducey - Mass Grave Time?

I guess pretending the virus isn't any big deal, and opening up too soon may not work out so well.

Do you want New York to send their makeshift morgue refrigerator trucks down?

New York was blindsided, and did all they could and have brought the numbers down.

Arizona (and Florida and Texas) knew what they needed to do, and didn't do it. Republican theory, ignore all problems. Give $$ to the rich, and do nothing else.

Mass Death Time Arizona.

Making America Great!

The Virus Is Being Spread By Republicans


Biden Is Even With Trump A 12 Point Lead Can Be Overcome With Suppression And Cheating

Biden needs to win by 30% or more to insure a victory.

Anything less than that and Trump will declare Marshall Law or something.

We are even right now.

Get Busy....

Want To Vote In November? Get In Line Now

The only way Trump can win is by MASSIVE VOTER SUPPRESSION. MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There will be one voting machine for ever 20 rural people, and one for every 10,000 urban / minority voters.

They know they can do it. They have been doing it for years.

Gee, I wish there was some party who could stop what we all know is coming in November. Some party who wants to win.

Look at Kemp, and what he did to screw tens of thousands out of their votes. He was richly rewarded, and didn't pay any price for screwing so many out of their votes. It's more then gerrymandering, and electoral college.

Republicans always get away with it.

Look at Bush. He lost Florida. So what right? Crosscheck. Purges. No big. They always get away with stealing elections. If Trump tries to steal this one the protests will make the BLM protests look like a kiddie playground.

Just sayyin.

Get in line now folks.

No One Is Talking About The Horrible Things Trump Has Done Because Of New Horrible Things

He says and does every single day.

The media does suck, but they simply can't keep up. There is no end to the crimes, lies, obstruction, and theft going on.

Them kids are still lost, in cages somewhere too.

We are being too nice.

Republicans Are A Disease.
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