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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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What's With The Suicidal Psycho Choir In Texas Singing For Pence? Psychos Like This Will Kill Us All

They will infect each other, then they virus will spread TO MY FAMILY AND MY CITY.

This crap is out of control, and they are singing virus all over each other in a state where sickness is exploding.

Arrest all 100 of these suicidal, homicidal psychopaths.

Reckless Endangerment.

And leave Jesus out of it.

He doesn't want us to all kill each other.

This really pisses me off.

Putin Told Deutchebank To Restructure Trump's Loans - Payoff Of For His Hit Job Silence

That would be my guess.


Follow the money.

All roads lead to Putin.

Nancy is so smart....

Trumps Open Up Plan Is Deadlier Than His Do Nothing Plan

He is one helluva planner.

If the grave diggers go on strike we will be in real trouble.

Look At All Them People In Florida Not Wearing Masks - America It Is Over

CNN is going around interviewing folks in Florida. None are wearing masks in public.

I can't say how (st****) I think these people are because I will be banned from DU.

Wear a mask or die Florida.

Trump Is Simply A Serial Killer

With absolutely no conscience.

There, I said it.

Now time for it to sink in.

Republicans In Office Have No Problem With Putin Putting Out Bounties On Our Soldiers

Putin is a stud!

If Trump wants to do nothing about it, that is just fine.

Keep in line Republicans.

Not one word from a Republican in office so far.....


If You Won't Wear A Mask I Won't Pay Your Medical Bills

Get Coronavirus?

Leave deposit.

$500,000 cash.

No cash no service.

Fixed it.

Until They Say Wear A Face Mask In Public Or Go To Jail It Is All Hogwash - Sorry Folks

Face Masks = Work.

The rest is a distraction.

The hair dressers in Missouri cut 180 people's hair while infected, and no one got the virus.


It isn't rocket surgery.

It sucks, but I wear a face mask whenever I am within 6 feet of non family members. I haven't infected anyone I am sure. I wish the rest could say that. If they could, the virus would be GONE by now.

It's not rocket surgery.

Trump Now Pretending To Do Stuff About Coronavirus - Look They Are Having A Task Force Show Today

Maybe he looked at his polling.

A pretend effort in a pretend world where the only thing that matters is TRUMP.

Sick if you ask me.

Gee look. Pence is playing along!

Look at us!!! We are doing stuff!!!

I just want this show to end before we all die.

Conservative Media Is Truly Killing People Ignoring Pandemic

Its like they are telling people playing on train tracks to ignore trains.

Its like they are telling sky divers to ignore the ground.

ICU's are full and they ignore the virus.

Deadly News (propaganda) for lemmings.

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