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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Jay The Snake Inslee - Escape From Seattle

Kinda has a ring to it ya think?

We Need 330 Million Tests In 10 Days Or Else

We can spend a trillion a year on the military, why can't we get a frigging test and quarantine the sick people in a doable way?

What is more dangerous. Saddam (types), or the virus spreading like wildfire with a 4%(ish) death rate?

And why is a stupid 3 year old in charge of everything?

We Are All Puerto Ricans' Now - At Least They Got Towels There

Welcome to Trump's America my friends. You all have your wills done and updated right?

Disaster (even a slow moving one) strikes.

Our commander in chief spends all his time attacking his enemies, and trying to control the news cycle while innocent people are dying because of his insane incompetence and disgusting lies. We don't even get paper towels folks. I went to Costco and there weren't any. Zip.

Tests? Ya gotta be kidding. Tests for the virus. Maybe some day. Possibly..... Maybe, maybe not.

Getting tests for us in Seattle is a "priority" according to the front page of the Seattle Times. Yeah right. How many more contracted the virus today? No one knows.

Just like the Clint Eastwood movie High Plains Drifter. Welcome to HELL.

It is insane. I feel like I am the only angry one here in Seattle. This MF is gonna get us all killed because he doesn't want to look bad. Now he has thousands trapped on a cruise ship because if they come ashore for TREATMENT and TESTING the number of confirmed cases will rise, and that will make Golden Calf Trump look bad to his cult.

No word to describe my anger......

Sick In Seattle Not A Thermometer To Be Found In Any Local Pharmacy

I called them all.

God I am so glad our nation is so prepared.

I guess we will have to find and clean the one we shoved up our dog's ...... when he was alive.

The only one around.

Kinda sucks to be us.

Soon when demand builds we will be able to take the tests they will charge the tax payers $3k for.

Waiting for demand I suppose.

When Has Joe Mentioned The 50 Trillion In Wealth

The untaxed 1% has now?


We are being scammed and robbed.

Some of us get it my friend.

Your taxes go straight into their bank accounts.

Google KBR.

Morning Joe Trashing Bernie Getting Old

How come America can't afford what everyone else has?

30 or 40 trillion dollar pricetag!

Ok Joe let's just let the sick die like now. We can save all that money.

Red Scare. Red Scare. Red Scare.


How come it costs us 40 trillion and no one else?

Bashing Bernie with lies. Again.

Hey Joe who is gonna pay for the carbon melting the ice?


This Bernie Supporter Demands All Sanders/Biden Supporters Be Nice To Others PERIOD

As a Bernie Supporter I know many of you are angry at lots of stuff my friends. I too am tired of being robbed blind by the 1% while they literally steal from my family in plain sight. It is tough watching the people who are not willing to stand up to the power of MONEY getting in our way as we try to create a more fair, and just country. Going against 50 Trillion In Wealth will never be easy. Not for us, and not for Bernie, or Elizabeth, Joe or anyone else.

The 1% own the Republicans, and their money has a huge influence on GOOD DEMOCRATS. Whether they are "the establishment" or not it doesn't really matter. You need 50 million dollars to run for the Senate and where do you get it? From the wealthy in wine caves. It isn't right, but it is the current system. No one can do anything good unless they get elected, and they can't get elected without money regardless how noble their goals are. It truly sucks.

Money / Establishment is complicated. My advice to all is get Democrats elected, and work tirelessly to get the influence of money out of our politics, and restore DEMOCRACY where the power is with the people not just the 1% or the wealthy.

Now go forth and be nice. Not all rude people are Bernie Supporters, and this message is to all. This primary will be a good fight. We can all be nice, stand up for our candidates, and our principles, and our ideals. If we are not nice it makes the work of others meaningless.

We can't take back the Senate or the White House if we are acting like idiots.

From this point forward I will consider all rude people Russian Agents....

Now please don't suspend my account for telling the truth. Democrats are better people. Period. I count Bernie as a real Democrat. A different kind of Democrat. A Roosevelt Democrat. Remember him? Social Security. Unemployment. New Deal. You get it right.

Pence Is Speaking In Washington State Live Right Now You Can't Believe The Crap He Is Spewing

"Soon" we will have test kits here. (like the ones the rest of the planet has had for over a month)
They have been making progress. (what, digging graves?)
Dealing with the Corona Virus is a high priority. (since when? I thought tweeting attacks on Dems was Trump's top priority)
We're gonna bring a lot of stuff to Washington State. (how many months too late?)
We have the CDC at the rest home and we want to know what happened. (Old folks died while fearless leader was playing politics, and ignoring the threat all the other countries were dealing with while burying their citizens)

I had to turn it off. Pence is using big words like priority, and progress. Really? They haven't even tested the residents, and staff at the rest home WHERE EVERYONE DIED yet.

It is amazing how few people are pissed off at the incomprehensible incompetence the Trump Gang has been showing.

Trump did a better job running his casino than he has done getting us ready for the coming outbreak.

Trumps Plan = Hoping It Doesn't Get Too Bad And Affect His Re-Election Chances. Period.

Do you all have your wills done?

Trump Could Use His Tweeter To Tell Me Where In Seattle I Can Get A COVID-19 Test

If I can't stop coughing, and have a fever of 104.

Ya think?

Na, the answer is nowhere. And Trump knows it.


As the bodies pile up.

Time to attack them mean 'ol do nothing dimmocrats right Trumpie?

Thank God I'm not sick (at this time).

Donald Trump is a murderer. It appears I am the only one to mention this simple fact. They knew about the virus in November, and we still can't test to see who is sick after 5 months.


Another 5 Hours Of Super Tuesday Not A Mention Of Russia Helping Trump Win In 2016

Who the hell cares who our nominee is if PUTIN is running the election. Again.

I hate the useless media.

Not one peep.

These people are obviously working for Putin too.

Yes you Nicole.
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