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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Trump Said Testing Is Going Smoothly - Liar

I have possibly been exposed, and have congestion, and a cough, but no fever. I tried to get tested since I ate REPEATEDLY at a place where a sick employee preparing food tested positive for COVID-19. I called in and did a teleconference and the nurse tried repeatedly to get me tested. They ended up saying test kits were in short supply and I couldn't get tested. Stay home and monitor my temperature. If I feel sick contact them and then maybe.

I can't go to work because of my "quarantine" but I can't get tested because there aren't any tests. So far I don't have a temperature. Could be worse but I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF I AM SICK HOME WITH MY WIFE.

Trump, testing is not going smoothly, or I would roll in and get tested after possibly being exposed, and having a cough.

My life means more than your re-election Donald you lying pile of human feces.

Please rec if you think I have a right to get tested after possibly being exposed, and having a cough.

Trump Can You Just Smell The Jail You Will Soon Be In?

America saw 2 real presidents today spewing sense and hope. Something you could never do.

Your chance of reelection = 0%

Your chance of jail = 100%

Have a horrible day waiting for your symptoms and being removed.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: "The system is not really geared to what we need right now,"

That is because your boss FIRED ALL THE GEARS.


Anyone angry besides me?

(I may have been exposed and am at home self-quarantining)

I can't get a test because "they are short of tests" when I called with some symptoms, and likely contact.

God Damn You Trump.

And damn your cult too.

I May Have To Travel Abroad

To get tested.


I Found Out I Have Got My Lunch Every Day From A Deli Where Someone Tested Positive For Corona Virus

They last worked there last Sunday. I have gone there for my lunch every day including Sunday I think.

I am trying to get tested.

I have had a runny nose, and slight cough for a month.

I assume it was allergies, which seem to get worse every year.

I feel fine otherwise.

I will keep updating this as my day progresses.

Calling UW Medicine now.

I want tested.

The Market Knows An Idiot Is In Charge And Is Responding




Trump Pence Resign Now / Let Nancy Take Over Before We Are All Dead - I Mean It!!!!

Your time is up you useless assholes. Now move aside and let adults try to DO SOMETHING BEFORE WE ALL DIE.

My gawd. You wouldn't even let researchers test samples from sick people. I call it premeditated murder.

Trump's only trick is travel bans. It is all he knows. A one trick pony.

Save us all.

Abdicate and flee, for the good of the country, and the planet Trump. Take Pence with you to Russia.

It will get bad either way, but I bet Nancy could find a way to test more than 8 people a day.

I could say more, cuz I am kinda angry, living in Seattle, but I don't want a lifetime ban at DU for a rant.

They need to resign.


Trump's Plan For Keeping Us Safe Was Keeping Some People From China Out Of The US

With partial restrictions on some travel here from China, while god knows how many carriers came here from other places in China, and elsewhere who were positive.

It could have worked!

I Knew The Front Page Of Seattle Times Would Say Nothing About Hero Doctor Who Saved Outbreak

When they ignored the CDC and started testing flu samples for COVID-19, finding the virus, and finding an infected/carrier student heading to school.

This stopped a possible outbreak.

Nothing on the front page of the Seattle Times.


Trump Lying - People Dying

Good campaign slogan?
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