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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 03:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,668

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Larry Kudlow Is The Stupidest Person Ever Born

He makes Trump look like a genius.

Almost completely contained?

Give it to everyone?

Any more bright ideas Larry?

Trump only hires the best!

It's Amazing The Fact That There Are No Tests Available Isn't Pissing Off More People

I live in Seattle, may have been exposed (probably have anyway) and can't get a test.

People should be really pissed off, and they aren't.

What a country.

Send Every Person In America Over 18 $3,000 In Case They Want To Self Quarantine Or Stay Home

We can borrow it, probably 600 billion, and they can stay home and not get infected / infect others. Most of the people will just spend the money paying their bills and it all goes back into the system.

Tax unrealized capital gains over $5 million a little bit to pay for it.

Killing 3 birds with one stone.

Trump Is Being Supported By Fox News While He Stumbles Lies And Puts Our Lives In Danger

Over 80% of Republicans think Trump is handling the crisis just fine. What is wrong with these people. I think I know. Fox.

It doesn't matter how many stupid things Trump decides to do, like turning down the WHO TEST KITS, how many lies he tells, and how badly his screw ups put us in danger, Fox is telling the lemmings he is doing a great job. They believe it. While the curve climbs.

Imagine if we imported 2 million WHO kits, and started testing on day one. Isolating and quarantining, before community spread.

Someone with vision could have done this.

Trump only has two things in mind. Keeping from going bankrupt, and staying out of prison.

I think Fox is actually helping the virus spread when you think about it.


We need to do something about State TV. I don't know what, but having a news empire backing a lying dictator, by repeating his lies, and telling their viewers lies are true can't be 100% constitutional.

Many will die directly because of Fox News. Face it.

Please rec.

Person In Charge Of Keeping Us All Safe Too Stupid To Even Keep Himself Safe Shaking Hands

And not taking precautions anyone with a working brain would be taking.

How many infected/possibly infected people were close to him? Having dinner, and meetings?

To call Trump a moron is giving him some credit for having at least minimal intelligence.

Sorry folks.

We're F-ed.

Pack Of Lies Press Conference Beginning - They Are All Huddled Together With Exposed Person

Hoping no one dies from the exposure. Maybe they will all shake hands later?

I noticed the amount of drugs pumped into Mr. Trump appears to be adequate. It's not sundown yet.

Yes, there are some people meeting and doing stuff.

Orange Asshole is pretending his gives a damn about us, and is trying to read everything off a paper because he knows he can't say anything not written out for him without screwing up.

Any other observations?

Oh, stock marked!!!! Record!!!

Traders see Mr. Trump has some people actually paying attention to all them folks dying, and getting sick. Big Bump!

You Do Testing To Determine The Most Efficient Least Disruptive Way To Do Social Distancing

If there is an outbreak.

This is a concept not a single ignorant Trump Follower or Trump himself could possibly understand.

As far as they are concerned it's all Obama's fault. They need to blame someone for their ignorance, and malfeasance.

I am going to stop being nice to anyone saying anything good about Trump.

Everything Is Shutting Down Because Trump Held Up Testing - Current Shutdowns Are 100% His Fault

Every responsible person is taking worst case scenario precautions because they don't know how many people in their cities, or states have the virus. Why don't they know? Because of DONALD TRUMP, not wanting "the numbers" to show up, and stalled, and is still stalling testing for the virus. Now he is rightly taking heat, so he is "acting" like he cares about us.

Maybe we would be here eventually with everything shut down, and maybe we should be here now anyway, but we are here because no one knows how widespread the virus is because of DONALD TRUMP. Period.

This is the only message that matters other than KEEP YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY SAFE.

Since we don't know, we can't take any chances. No chance to contain anyone because it has been spreading for weeks with no testing of any volume available.

Everyone should understand this.

It is obvious.

Sell, Sell, Sell, Sell !!!!

As soon as Trump starts talking, babbling nonsense.

Trump Could Easily Make The Stock Market Go Back Up

All he would have to do is have Mr. Obama take over and clean up the mess.


Just sayyin.....
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