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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Wife Worked At WHO In DC They Didn't Even Have Money For Paper For The Printers

And this is the gang supposed to help keep us safe.

There is no profit in stopping pandemics before they get out of control.

But we can spend trillions on stealth bombers, and drones.

The Chinese Virus? F You Pompeo

It is you, and your Fuhrer that looked the other way and did practically nothing while thousands of infected carriers came here from EVERYWHERE. No testing available, no quarantine, nothing.

This problem is 100% the fault of Trump and his criminals.

Ask Taiwan and Singapore why they didn't have to borrow trillions.

God I Hate All The Trump Gang.

Border Border Border - It's Not The Border You Nazi Its The Thousands Of Carriers Here Now

That we can't test, find, or separate from ME AND MY FAMILY.

Making the rest of us sick.

I want to scream.

Look At Those Stupid Assholes Standing Shoulder To Shoulder Expecting Us To Social Distance

On that stage behind the orange lying pile of feces.

We Are Doomed.

You all have your wills done right?

There are few MAGA's changing their behavior. Some.

They will infect us, don't say it......

Party Today Bury Family Members You Infect Next Month

Been watchin the news. Alki Beach and Golden Gardens parks in Seattle packed.

Who cares if you are hanging with 500 infected carriers right folks?

Just keep doing what we always do right?

Lets all get it!

Bye grandma.

Trump Said "It Is An Exciting Time For Medicine"

He's right.

Just not in the way he means.....

Homemade masks.
No test kits.
No timely test results.
No testing swabs.
No pandemic planning whatsoever.
No national leadership at all.
No protective gear for health care workers.
No clue. Not a single clue.

And the best is yet to come.

Got life insurance?

Trump you can march out a thousand robots to babble nonsense. It won't make a difference. You fired the people who could have stopped this, or slowed it down. I hope them billionaires are enjoying their tax cut!

Trump Ignoring COVID-19 Reminds Me Of Bush Ignoring Pre-911 Warnings

"Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US was the title of the President's Daily Brief prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency and given to U.S. President George W. Bush on Monday, August 6, 2001."

And of course all Republicans will let them off the hook, because, they are Republicans.

Don't ever forget who and what we are dealing with.

Pretty much death and destruction wherever you look.

Now get busy!

Why Does America Have To Borrow Trillions And Not Singapore, Taiwan, And South Korea?

They don't have (who)?

It is amazing how "the media" seems to ignore the fact that some countries didn't collapse with sick people everywhere.


Same answer.

Imagine the "greatest country on earth" having the best "response" to the virus in the world.

Having smart people in charge, planning, preparing, and executing a PLAN.



Trump's Incompetence Lies And Playing Politics Will Cost Lives Possibly Thousands Of Needless Deaths

We had 4 months to get ready.

Trump figured he could just lie his way out of it like everything else.

He didn't spend one second preparing for what anyone with a working brain could see was coming.

Now we have to keep our mouths shut, and bury our kin.

Sorry, I won't keep quiet.

Perspective - Imagine A Real President Taking Smart Actions - Precautions With Plan For Coronavirus

When you think about it it makes one sick.

Since Trump bumbled, lied, fired the pandemic response crew, and can't even get 10% of the tests we need, even with 4 months warning, it is almost ALL HIS FAULT we will have to borrow trillions to keep America from crashing, and MORE innocent Americans from dying, and or going bankrupt.

It isn't simply playing politics. Imagine if Obama and his team was in charge. Would the Dow have lost 30% of it's value? Would we all be living in terror not knowing what is coming because we can't even figure out who has the virus?

Imagine a real president taking calculated actions with a plan, a competent team, and vision from past experience from other pandemic responses. Imagine a real response from a real president.....

I don't think anyone can look at this through the correct lens. The blame Trump lens. Reality lens.

Our bumbling, lying, incompetent, idiot commander in chief is sacrificing our lives for what?

I blame Trump more than the virus.

Look at Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and any other place with non-idiots in charge.

It could have been us.


Just say it. It's the truth.
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