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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Release The Ventilators Now Trump


Mitch This Whole Mess Is The Fault Of You And Trump

I don't want to hear it.

Shove your secret slush fund up yer ....

And stop trying to take away healthcare from millions.

You suck Mitch.

Trump Not Using Defense Production Act So Corporations Can Quadruple Prices On Masks

And other good that are desperately needed.

People will die so some corporations can rob hospitals.

Maybe someone in "the media" could point this out.....

This is kind of important.

Having to bid $7 for a mask that used to cost less than a dollar is kinda criminal?

Corporations Should Sell Every Stock They Bought Back Before The Get $1 Tax Dollar

Trump gave them insane tax cuts, while cutting everything in sight, including the Pandemic Response Team. Corporations then used their "windfalls" to buy their own stocks. Up to 40% of the stocks are owned by foreign investors too.


One TRILLION in stock buybacks.

Now they want free money from tax payers because Trump is a lying moron.

They aren't filthy rich enough, now they need tax dollars to pay for new yachts.

U.S. Corporations have lots of stock to sell to raise money, and seem them through. I think they call it an "offering". Sure it makes the stock price go down, but for all the waitresses, bartenders, hotel clerks, and cleaners, and others out of work, they need the help more than stockholders. Not to mention hospitals, and doctors, nurses, and support staff.

Sorry Wall Street. It's a rainy day, and you didn't save anything. You just paid yourself while the rest of us were being robbed, and paid our taxes like crazy.

Zero bailouts.

Maybe you could give the government (us) stock, and your workers a seat or two on your boards of directors, to get any help, and a limit for 20 years no stock buy backs with profits. A couple more restrictions could be in order too. I will ask Elizabeth Warren which ones are "fair" moving forward.

Business isn't really that hard.

With 1 Million Test Kits This Could Have All Been Avoided

Testing all travelers from bad areas and REAL self quarantining them till we got results.

Little / no community spread.

Not rocket science.

It's what Taiwan did I heard.

Don't ever forget this didn't have to happen.


They can pay for the bailout.

We don't need to borrow anything.

Funny no one is saying the obvious.

2 trillion isn't even a haircut.

Look At All Those Virus Spreaders On Them Florida Beaches

How can I invest in coffin makers while sheltering in place?

Rand Paul Can Get Tested With No Symptoms Or Exposure

Me? With some symptoms and known exposure?

No way.

I feel good but can be a carrier.

I hope this crap wakes some folks up. Probably won't. Nothing else did. Possible death? Meh.

And no Ron Paul, COVID-19 is not a Democrat hoax.

On a scale of 1 to 10 my anger is around 50 billion.

F Trump and his sick cruel psycho cult.

May Have To Close The Business - Down To Two

Rolls of toilet paper.

It's not funny.

Trump Is Going Down And He Wants To Take Us With Him - The Only Answer That Makes Sense

When you think about it, there could be no other reason than this for his non-action on EVERYTHING.

It's not like we won't find out he did NOTHING to protect us from day one.

Even Trump isn't that stupid.

He really doesn't care.


He wants us all dead.

Please rec.
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