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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Have No Idea How I Can Show Gratitude To Doctors Nurses And Staff Risking Their Lives 4 Strangers

Typing this makes me get mushy.

All this with crap for protection.

These are special people.

Very Special.

Can We Seal Off Mississippi? Close The Borders And The Coasts Of All Whackjob Red States?

If the right wing psycho-governor doesn't want to do the right thing, what can be done to keep US SAFE?

I don't want them "traveling" here and infecting my family after every single person in Mississippi gets infected.

This is bad for the rest of us.

I know there are folks in Mississippi who would like the governor to act like a human who wants other humans to live, but killing people is really popular in red states.

Yes I know there are lots of people in Mississippi social distancing but they are encouraged to barbecue, and party and go to church by their insane governor.

Something has to be done.

Trump? Oops, sorry. No Trump. It's still a Dimmocrat Hoax! All will be well by Easter. King Donald has spoke.

Of course everyone knows I am kidding. There are lots of great people in Mississippi doing all they can to stay alive. It just sucks that their governor is putting all our lives in danger, along with theirs.

Trump Is Having Minions Disrupt Medical Supply Chain As Much As Possible To Simply Kill People

There is no other way to say it. It is literally and figuratively premeditated murder.

A real president who didn't have a Charles Manson mindset would coordinate every medical product produced and distribute on an as needed most basis. He would have manufacturers working around the clock at gunpoint. Instead we have a psychopath doing all he can to make the crisis worse in charge. If they restrict supply the prices go up! $$$$$ Understand?


He must be getting kickbacks from the auctioning off of masks etc. His hotels and golf courses are going bankrupt. Being broke is his worst fear, right after prison.

Also because Republicans love psycho murderers that's another reason.

Prison For Price Gouging CEO's Profiting On Health Care Supply Problems

I want the bill passed tomorrow.

No one can even buy a mask for their doctors, or nurses because their "entity" can't outbid Trump's buddies with unlimited borrowing ability.

There is no supply chain.

This is just another count of murder on Trump.

Divide up the goods by the need with a sensible supply system, not by auction where the Federal Government can outbid everyone regardless of need.

My life is not up for auction.

I Just Closed My Business Because Of Donald Trump - I'm Not A Happy Camper

If HILLARY CLINTON was our president, my business would still be open, and our entire government would be responding to the pandemic PROPERLY with a STRATEGY.

American Manufacturers (and others worldwide) would have been warned by a fully functional fully funded AMERICAN / WHO / CDC pandemic response team, and would have been pumping out protective gear, medical equipment, and test kits by the rail car MONTHS AGO.

We would be having the afflicted people getting help in isolation. You know, isolation, where they weren't infecting their friends, and families because we had TEST KITS and could locate them, and help them before their numbers rose higher than the number of available IC units and respirators. And they wouldn't be dying by the way.

We wouldn't need a million respirators because we would have been taking care of the problem BEFORE COMMUNITY SPREAD got out of control. See every other pandemic that NEVER GOT GOING HERE since 1918.

If only Hillary Clinton was president.

Or any other American with a working brain.

I put the majority of the blame on every problem I have from here on out on DONALD F-ING TRUMP.

Trump Is Spewing Word Salad For His Cult While People Are Dying By The Dozens

If I see his face, I immediately mute whatever I am watching.

People die from Trump's lies.

"Give Me 6 Feet Or Give Me Death"

What famous person from history said this?

Patrick..... Err..... Me.

Yes, I said it.

Be Safe My Friends.

Thank God For DU.

Soon It Will Be Fire Season Something To Take Our Minds Off Koronavyrus

I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

Be well my friends.

Stay safe.

Give me 6 feet or give me death.

45 Refrigerator Truck Morgues Sent To New York Hospitals Will Be Trump's Legacy

It just dawned on me. He could have done so much, much, much, more, and still could. He won't help. He is damaged.

CNN said the last time they had a refrigerator truck backed up to "that" hospital was because of 9-11 (Bush).

Don't know if I should be sad, angry, or simply continue being blown away at the incompetence, and try to fend for myself. My business closed yesterday, and I laid off all my employees. We deal with "customers" and it was impossible to remain 6 feet away. Safety first.

Maybe we shouldn't have any more REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS? Maybe?

Soon Democrats will have to stop being nice. It's not that simple.

Someday soon some real journalist should do an estimate of how many lives could have been saved if Trump didn't fire all the members of the Deep State who's jobs it was to keep crap like this from happening.

This Nightmare Is 100% Trump's Fault And No One Will Say It

While he ducks and dives people are dying and ic units are filling.

We don't even have masks for nurses and doctors, much less anything else.

Trump ignored the problem for months, and then said it was a hoax so his cult could infect themselves and us.

This is all Trump's fault.

I wish someone would just come out and say it.
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