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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 03:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Reality Is A Hoax This Is How A Trump Supporter's Brain Works

It is pretty simple when you think about it.

Light The Gaslight Trump Is Answering Questions

I love the softball about if the impeachment distracted him from the virus response.

What, on the golf course?

Gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight, gaslight......

Just shut the cameras off.

It's Countrywide Spread Not Community Spread

Time for a new term media.

If We Had Tests Many Fewer Would Die

I don't think this is sinking in.

Trump hadn't heard lack of tests was a problem he told Bullock.

This is madness.

Does Trump Even Know This Isn't Going Well For Him?

I truly wonder if he knows what is really going on from day to day.

People are dying because of him and his actions / inactions.

Is he simply stuck in the same old attack whoever attacks him mode, kinda like in rhythm. Is he not even aware of the bigger picture. Ya know. Death of thousands of people he is in charge of protecting, and who's lives it is his job to save.

One has to wonder. How truly sick is he?

What does he enjoy more than attacking people?

Does anyone really know.....

Fox News / Lies Must Be Shut Down

I went to read to my wife "Fox News is a very powerful media organization, but it cannot stop people from dropping dead" from the #1 story on DU a couple minutes ago. She switched the channel to Fox. This is what we saw. Jaw dropping.

Some asshole on Fox was asking the woman Trump appointed to the U.N. He asked her if the worldwide health organizations who were supposed to stop things "like this" and "protect us" need something changed. The Trump Minion said Trump was doing a fantastic job and was blah, blah, blah.

Really. The WHO and the other worldwide health organizations are supposed to "stop pandemics" and "protect us". Really? With what? Jesus?

The poop for brains lemmings watching Fox are eating this crap up. Looking for anyone to blame for this nightmare except their Messiah Donald Trump. Cult Leader Trump.

Fox is dangerous, and is distorting everything. They had to stop calling it a hoax when the bodies started piling up.

They need to be ENDED.

I believe in freedom of the press 100%. They are not the press. They are the Republican Party and nothing more. Their distortions are killing people. Trump thinks he can get away with DOING NOTHING because Fox has his flank. Something needs to be done.

Sorry for edits. Not having a good morning.

Where Are The Tests? Positive In Nursing Home My MIL Is At - WHERE ARE THE TESTS????

Trump needs to be prosecuted for dereliction of duty.

Ignoring the OBVIOUS COMING problem while we could have been making the stuff we needed. Like test kits, masks, respirators, and the rest.

Now they can't test the patients and staff at the nursing home my wife's mother is at. No tests available. Because of DONALD TRUMP.

On a scale of one to ten my anger is about 400 trillion.

Prosecute this MF and his "allies" at Fox Lies.

Any Governor Who Tells The Truth About Trump Will Be Cut Off - Don't Be Fooled

Trump is making everyone kiss his ass and keep their mouths shut.

Everyone knows Trump dropped the ball, and caused this problem to be ten times as bad as it had to be.

This is bullshit.

A million masks and a good plan, and we would all still be at work.

I watched Seattle's Mayor not take the bait and trash Trump when she should have. She just said "we all have to work together". She is right. Except for some of the "all" are lying idiots who's stupidity is killing us.

Stay Safe My Friends.

And thank god for Jay Inslee. We could have been New York. Not a dig at Cuomo. He is doing all he can. Trump is just getting back at all them folks in New York who never invited him to their parties because he was a greedy low life.

Time To Send Our Income Tax $$ To Our Governor In Washington Not To Donald Trump

He brags about ignoring Inslee and Michigan's governor because they aren't nice to him. That's not how it works Donald.

You don't want to help us Donald? You want to ignore us because we want you to do your job Donald? No tax money for you.

Sounds fair to me.

My tax dollars shouldn't go to your secret slush fund anyway.

I would much rather give it to Inslee, and the legislature.

Anyone else?

Re-Direct our taxes to where it is needed since Trump isn't doing squat.

Our doctors and nurses and emt's can't even get a mask when Trump has billions.

How Many Doctors And Nurses Will Die Today Because Donald Trump Is Keeping Them Unprotected?

On the news I just heard only 12% of hospitals surveyed said they got "anything" from the federal government.

88% of hospitals have got nothing from Trump / FEMA / CDC or anyone else.

Doctors and nurses are dying RIGHT NOW BECAUSE OF DONALD TRUMP.
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