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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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We Need A Forever Memorial To The Senate Traitors Who Will Vote For Trump

Put it in the middle of the capitol reflection pool and make it twice as tall as the Washington Monument.

Spell out Nazi Traitors on all 4 sides.

Then name them forever.

They deserve far worse for surrendering to trumps mob violence.

Jeffersonian Democracy Or The Third Reich - Soon Republicans Will Get To Decide Which One

They support in the Senate.

It is Republicans that are on trial.

Everyone (with a working brain) knows Trump is guilty as hell.

Yes, or No Republicans.

Which one is it.....

Trump Ordered The Code Red

Just heard a guest say this on CNN.

Kinda puts things in perspective if you ask me.

And yes we can handle the truth.

Crap Been Digging Through Trump's Papers We Are Gonna Have To Impeach Him A 3rd Time

And maybe a 4th time.

This is looking real bad.....

Maybe he should have faked a heart attack around December 2016.....

I Have Been In The Woods In Northern Michigan How Did The Coup Work Out? My TV Is Broke

Is Trump still prezident?

What's going on?

I don't know how to use the google on my kindle.

Higher Income People Paid Higher Income Taxes In Most Cases - They Should Get Rebate

I call it a Covid Rebate.

For the tens of thousands I have paid in income taxes while the crazy rich pay next to nothing compared to their wealth.

What is $1,400 or $2,000. I am lucky to still have an income from a scaled back business I own.

The insanely rich don't have income. The just amass wealth like there is no tomorrow. Then they pass on and it all goes to their spawn.

Nothing against rich folks, or their kids. They should just have to pay taxes like regular hard working Americans.

I would like them to pay 35% of their increased net worth every year, like the folks who have to work for wages. That is after they amass $10,000,000 in wealth per couple.

What? We could pay off the national debt if we did this? Craaaaaazy......

I Support Cancel Culture 1000% Please Cancel Liars From Platforms I Inhabit

I should be able to surf the internet without being bombarded with outright lies, and distortions from people who are trying to make me angry at the wrong people.

I know who is trying to destroy my life, my planet, and rob my family, and it isn't liberals or Democrats.

Not to mention trying to turn America into the 3rd Reich ran by White Supremacist Klansmen, and lawless Fascists, while pretending to support law and order.

Please Facebook, Google, Twitter and the rest. Cancel the accounts from the human filth so I don't ever have to see their garbage promoting violence, and tyranny.

Do Not I Repeat Do Not Read Anything Bucky Fuller Wrote Or Robert

Kyosaki while you are at it.

You don't need to understand why you have to work so hard for so little.

Why Is Taxing Wealth Accumulators Like Workers Never Discussed?

Elizabeth and Bernie have mentioned it a couple times, but it is like taboo.

Total silence, when we just added $8 trillion to the debt in 4 years, and more coming.

The 1% are still raking it in.

Wake the f up folks.

Why the silence?

Call Republicans $600 Billion Dollar Offer Pandemic Relief Sabotage

Because that is what it is.

Help struggling Americans less while the untaxed wealthy help themselves.
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