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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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Mission Accomplished Dems

The entire world knows what Trump did and what cowardly traitors most Republicans are.


And thanks to the 17 house and senate non scum Republicans.

Someone Make The Republican Party Symbol A Chicken

So we can use it from now on.


Mike Pence Didn't Sacrifice His Life For Trump's Coup Attempt

He's not 100% MAGA.

Bad bad bad Mike Pence.

He's a bad boy.

Looks Like Trumps Fiverr Lawyers Screwed Up By Lying About Pence

Not being in danger.

Bring on the witnesses.

Conspiracy time may be coming....

Maybe Having Trumps Mob Almost Kill Them Bothered Some Republicans

Then maybe not....

Trump's Lawyers The Greatest Historic Example Of Total Lawyering Patheticness

I mean really.

I know they had no time to prepare, but lying? Distortions? Outright gas lighting?

They are beyond pathetic.

World class losers.

After A Life Of Unconscionable Evil Mitch McConnell Can Do One Good Thing

By giving Trump exactly what he deserves.

Removal, before his coming prosecutions.

His Darth Vader moment.

Could old Mitch put a cherry on top of the mountain of sh*t that would adequately describe his entire life?

What will it be Reaper?

Ya gonna do the right thing once in your life Mitch?


Have Trump removed!

Your legacy could go from a zero to a 2 or even a 3 out of ten.

Just sayyin....

Which Republican Will Take Trump's Place As Biggest Piece Of Sh*t On The Planet?

Some Republican will earn the crown.


This Is A Murder Trial Why Did They Not Show Pictures Of Officer Beaten To Death?

Prosecutors will usually show a jury pictures of the corpse.

Let the world see what angry mobs, driven by a psycho madman do to people doing their jobs.

Where was the pictures of the officer who was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher, or the cop's missing eye, or missing fingers?

We can handle it.

Just Had A Thought Trump Will Be Prosecuted By DC For This Violence Once Impeachment Over

The Senators can't put him in prison I don't think.

He needs to pay for this crime by losing his freedsom

I say no bail, and no contact to incite more violence from his Q-buddies.

No way we can know all the stuff he did to cause deaths, and destruction and not see him indicted soon.

Buh bye Donnie.
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