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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 4,619

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"It Caught Everybody By Surprise" Is What The CNN Host Said

Jeezus Fkking Krist.

The people in charge of preparation were oiling their guns and reading their bibles.

They were warned but Jeeeezussss!!!!

1% Of Americans Have $50 Trillion In Wealth And Will Soon Have $60 Trillion

How is your family doing.

Need I ask?

Working harder for less?

Call Them Oath Breakers From Now On

They swore an oath to defend the constitution.

Then they broke it.

Not that complicated.

Hey Stupid Republicans The Government That Can't Do Anything Right Just Landed A Dune Buggy On Mars

And it is driving around.

Just one more thing your party is dead wrong about.

It is a very long list....

We Need To De-Regulate Lots More Stuff Starting With Energy - Just Ask Any Republican

In Texas, or anywhere else. The climate has always changed, so why do anything. We had ice ages, remember?

Besides corporations are people, and they are 100% responsible. The welfare of their customers comes ahead of their profits every single time. They can always be trusted to do the right thing, so they don't EVER need to be regulated.

Ayn Rand explained it all.

The "invisible hand" will make sure everyone is just fine.

Happy, happy.

I think I read that somewhere in Atlas Said Aw Shucks.

And Moses Said I'm Going To Cancun

The Jews can figure it out on their own.

That's in the Bible somewhere right?


If Bezos Converted His Wealth Into $1 Bills The Stack Would Be 20,000 Miles High

Maybe Bezos and his buddies could pay some towards the $1.9 trillion dollar covid bailout.

They wouldn't even miss their pocket change.

And they would still have $50 trillion left over.

Enacted Defense Production Act For Vaccines Biden Said

What a great idea.

Trump wouldn't even do that for ppe.

Keep kicking virus ass Joe.

And God help us.

New York Republicans - The Problem Was Trump Not Cuomo I Remember PPE Lottery Jared And Denial

Yes, denying there was even a covid problem.

It was all about the numbers for Trump, and he had to win every news cycle regardless how the bodies were piling up.

I remember the CDC told UW not to test flu samples, and they did, and found the virus here in Washington. Thank god.

I remember everything.


Cuomo could have done things differently, but he was given a sh*t sandwich from Trump with no mayo, and if he cried too hard, Jared would cut off his PPE with the other blue states.

I am not the only one who remembers.

If New York Republicans wanna complain, they should look in the mirror, and at their fuhrer, and his crew of psychos who didn't even want people to wear masks, and couldn't supply masks even if a doctor wanted to wear one.

It was Trump not Cuomo.

Where is the investigation on Jared's crew dispersing PPE to their buddies, or the highest briber?

Get Ready For The Media To Start Pushing Useless Stories Since Election / Impeachment Now Over

They need eyeballs.

I can only imagine the crap they will try to get us "worried about" to sell ads.

Haven't heard a thing about the crimes of Trump's children on enablers for months.

If you want to do stories, maybe you could start there, ya think?

You could only work for Trump if you were a criminal.

Do you jobs please.

I don't want all the talking points leading up to 2022 midterms manufactured by Republican traitors, and their media magaphone.
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