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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,940

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Yesterday Was A Planned Security Failure - Not A Security Failure Media

Get the god damn story straight.

The capitol was left undefended on purpose.

It was a coup, and it was planned online out in the open for months.

Anyone in charge of security that didn't recognize the OBVIOUS risk would not be smart enough to eat.

Then the Secretary of Defense (who will be arrested at some point) refused to answer the phone and deploy the guard who were locked and loaded. Refused to answer the phone ON PURPOSE.

This was a coup, and it wasn't secret. Everyone involved needs to be arrested.

The cancer needs to be treated.

Media, stop calling it a security failure.

You sound like the ones calling 9-11 an intelligence failure when the lights were flashing red, and they told Bush "imminent attack", and he did nothing (except get re-elected).

Don't play this stupid game this time assholes.

Big Thank You To All The Capitol Police Who Risked And Lost Their Lives

Protecting the capitol.

With no support what they did was incredible.

Zero members of congress were taken hostage.

Dude didn't have zip ties for costume effect.

Vanilla Isis New Name For Proud Boys

Donald Why Don't You Go On A Golf Vacation For A Couple Weeks? Take A Break Before....

You have to spend the rest of your life going from court to jail to court to jail to court to jail and on, and on, and on.

I strongly suggest you take a vacation now.

It will be your last.


Trump Can Just Smell The Prison

He's going to.

I wonder how many felonies he committed today.... To add to the total.

Congressman Steve Cohen Called Trump Caligula Twice Tonight

While talking to Ali Velshi.

I call him Covigula Trump.

If We Arrest You For Terrorism Try You Convict You

Sentence you, and jail you for 10 years....

Would that be considered "Treading On You" like the flag you carried into OUR CAPITOL stated?

Effing terrorists.

Lock Them Up

Members of congress CONGRESS were phoning their families saying goodbye because the Capitol Police told them they may not be able to protect them. Armed terrorists stormed our capitol. The peoples house. An act of terror.

You are gonna be tread upon big time terrorist Trump loving scum.

Today Was Trump's Greatest Moment

In his sick twisted mind.

Thousands of stupid violent zombie brainwashed assholes taking siege to OUR CAPITOL in Trump gear. Waving Trump flags along with Confederate flags and (sick) American flags attacking, threatening, and intimidating officials who were phoning their families saying goodbye.

Trump's Greatest Moment.

Consider the shark jumped.

R.I.P. Republican Party.

Dear Josh Hawley You Stupid F We Passed Election Security Legislation Already - Mitch Killed It

Did you forget, or are you just a stupid lying traitor?

We Now Need 49 Stacy Abrams Clones

We "gave em" something to vote for.

Joe and Kamila, John and Raphael.

Time to expand our edge in the Senate and House in 2 years, and pass legislation that benefits people not in the 1% for a change.

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