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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,948

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Rut Roh - They Increased Penalties For Destruction Of Federal Property To Protect Rebel Statues

Rut Roh.

Serious time.

I guess no one told Trump's Army of imbeciles, and klansmen.

Offer Cruz And Hawley A Deal - If They Resign Immediately They Won't Be Prosecuted For Felonies

And all charges will be dropped to misdemeanors.


We can also limit their time in prison.

Traitors Support Trump - It Truly Is That Simple

There is not one good thing for America Trump represents.

If you support him, after all you have seen, you are a traitor.

It is that simple.

I know they can attack me for my "rhetoric" but it is what it is.

Trump Supporters = Traitors

The Republican cowards do what they do because of Trump Supporters. Period. Everyone knows it. If they do anything good for the country they will be primaried by a nut job who would be even worse. Modern Republican Ideology. Be Crazy Or Else.

Trump supporters are like the people in the circle around the bully as he was beating up the skinny kid.

Best description I have heard for them.

Right Wing Cesspool Media Is Telling Their Imbeciles ANTIFA Stormed The Capitol

And millions believe it.

This psycho right wing media has got to pay a price for their instigating violence, and shifting the blame for everything.

They radicalize people to earn $$$$ BIG $$$$ advertising dollars.

This is insane.

My country is tearing itself apart because a third of my countrymen live in a fantasy world where evil is good.


There Is Not A Problem In Both Parties "Rhetoric" Rep Nancy Mace

Stop trying to spread the blame around.

My party is not 100% liars, traitors, and klan.

My party did not support a coup and call for violence repeatedly.

We do not support FASCISM.

Fix YOUR party.

Mine is doing fine, and has to fix America's problems while REPUBLICANS are trying to rally white supremacists to "take their country back".

And by the way Democrats don't lie every time they open their mouths.

Republicans are the problem.

I Wonder What Proud Boys Cops Think Of

Proud Boys cop killers?

I know. Its too complicated for their Klan mindset.

Heil Trump!

Long Live The King.....

Rupert Murdoch Should Be Merrick Garland's First Scalp

I can think of 10 crimes, and I'm not a lawyer.

This sh*t show is more his fault than anyone's.

America destroyed so he can sell advertising to old white stupid people for billions.

Prosecute / Solemnity his treasonous ass. He is an enemy combatant.

Trump Doesn't Know What To Do With His Thumbs Now

Imagine the gears grinding in his broken brain.


Its OK Covigula.

Soon it will be all lawyers and jails.

Maybe you should just go golfing for a couple weeks.

Capital Attack - The More We Learn The Worse It Looks

But what about her emails!

Wasn't a security failure. It was a surrender. Get the story straight.

70 Million People Want America To Be A Dictatorship

Every American with a pulse knows Trump has committed multiple crimes.

70 million voted for a known lying criminal, because they like the crimes and the lies.

King Trump was their wet dream.

America = Lawless Dictatorship

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