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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,948

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My 83 Year Old Mom Said "They Have The Vaccine But Can't Give Her A Shot Because Of The State"

At the medical center in the small town she lives in in remote Washington State.

She can't get the shot because of "the state" she was told.

As I was searching the news, I came across the article where distribution to senior citizens was being delayed because of the lies told by the Trump Administration about how many vaccines were in reserve. The states can't approve shots unless they have the 2nd shot, or know FOR SURE they can supply the 2nd shot.

"Vaccine reserve was already exhausted when Trump administration vowed to release it"


It isn't the state's fault.

Trump wants to kill us.

Only Truly Evil People Support Trump's Policies

All the Republican robots being interviewed claim how they supported Trump's policies.

Their go to phrase before complaining about his crimes, lies, and treason.

They Are All Evil.

Don't forget to point that out folks.

Niclole Wallace - "This Was Not An Intelligence Failure"

The intelligence was passed on.

Yes Nicole, it was a surrender to terrorists, not any other type of failure.

Putting the lives of all the officers at risk to increase Trump's chances of a successful coup in my opinion.

Of course there will be excuses, but there is no excuse.

It's Bang Bang Barbie Recon Now

How does life in prison sound Boebert?


Secret Democrat Donald Trump's Dream Of Destroying The Republican Party

Has almost been fulfilled.

Sorry Mitch.


Have The Military Distribute The Vaccine Joe

The easiest simplest idea.

They have planes and trucks all paid for from what I've heard.

No better way to protect America.

Still 7 Days Left Impeach Him Again Just Because

Its not like he didn't commit hundreds of other crimes.

Its a thought.

"There Will Be No Unity With Seditionists" - Steve Schmidt

I agree.



America Will Start Healing When Republicans Stop Lying - Fat Chance With That

Maybe someone could point this out....
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