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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,948

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Biggest Story Of The Century Ignored One Third Of Americans Are Batsh*t

Turn on Fox, OAN, or Newsmax, or listen to Hate Radio.

All you hear is lies, distortions, and crazy crap.

All this garbage is polluting the minds of Americans (and others worldwide)

They are turning millions into our "crazy uncle" for profit.

Where is the congressional hearings? Investigations? Lawsuits?

Our nation is Crazytown, and the problem of radicalization is completely ignored.

From militias to whack jobs invading the Capitols, it is getting ugly for those of us who believe in, well, reality.

There has to be a pushback, and it isn't happening.


Helping Billionaires Amass More Wealth And Not Pay Taxes The Only Thing Republicans

Truly support.

Clinging to power by any means, and doing evil and crimes to impress their base of sickos is simply part of that.

Now watch them defend the wealthy's trillions while families starve.

Just watch.

Same old MO.

You Want Healing And Unity? Ok Confess To Your Crimes Beg For Forgiveness And Take Your Punishment

And when all the traitors have been locked up, the ones that are not in prison can talk about how we can move forward with a country not resembling the 3rd Reich.


WTF 2 Press Conferences In 2 Days And You Can Ask Questions And Get Real Answers Not Lies

What the hell happened.

This is crazy.

Answers not gaslighting?

Whoah Nellie!!!!

Thank You President Biden For Letting Me Use The Word President Again

I did not ever refer to Covigula Trump using the P word.


There is not one bone in Trump's body that is presidential.

Thanks Again President Biden!

Trump Doesn't Have Time For Golf Now

He looking for lawyers he can not pay full time now.

That and begging for money from Putin.

Sucks to be you Donald.

And yes that is hounds you hear....

Joe Biden A Shining Example Of Being A Good Person And Fighting For Good Things Sometimes Pays Off


I don't think I will ever be president, but I shall fight on.

Joe needs all our support.

They are coming for him....

Sing Song The Witch Is Dead The Wicked Witch The Wicked Witch

Sing song the wicked witch is dead.

I just can't get this song out of my head.

Trump Is Having Trouble Today Naming His New Party Should It Be The Nazi Klansmen

Or the KKK Nazis?

Decisions, decisions.

Just send him money because he is gonna need it suckers.

Has Trump Been Arrested Yet?

Asking for a friend.
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