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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,940

Journal Archives

20 Years In Prison For Every Maggot Who Stormed The Capitol

Accessory to Murder.

I know they think laws don't apply to them, since they don't apply to their Fuhrer, or his children.

Eligible for parole in 10 years if your eliminate all Trumpism brainwashing.

Why screw around with people who wanted America to become the Third Reich and install a lawless dictator.

20 Years.

The National Debt Went Up 8 Trillion Under Trump In 4 Years

Maybe some folks could mention this fact.

At the same time how much wealth did the richest amass?

Anyone know?

Republicans Would Watch A Million Americans Starve To Death

Before they asked billionaires to pay one additional penny in taxes.

Never forget this fact.

Republicans Are Turning America Into Nazi Germany

And will exhonorate their Fuhrer in 2 weeks.

Just watch.

Evil Fu*king Scum.

The Two Minute Hate Brought To Republicans By Fox News

Every ten minutes.


America's worst ignored problem....

Neville Chamberlain's Ghost Would Cringe At The Appeasement Of Trump

The Senate Republicans are working around the clock on.

Coup? What coup.....


The Biggest Sore Loser Party

Trump's Pity Party.
The 30,000 Lies Party.
The Got Some More Money Party?
The Putin Always Wins Party.

Just running some names up the flagpole.

I know Trump reads DU.

Democrats Don't Have To Lie - The Theme For The Mid Terms

Drain the swamp has run it's course.

One third of Americans are insane, and believe crazy crap. The message may work.

When The 1.9 Trillion Was For Tax Cuts For Corporations And Billionaires Republicans Cheered

But when we need to help Americans who aren't crazy rich, they worry about the debt, and the deficit.

I have a solution.

Tax the insanely rich, and make the help revenue neutral.

They won't even miss the money.

Their next yacht may only be 500 feet long, instead of 600 feet.... 700 feet..... a quarter mile long....

Disinformation Industrial Complex - Jim Acosta

Trump and his people.
Conservative outlets like Fox News.
Conservative websites and organizations aligned with the president and conservative platforms.

"It remains a threat to our democracy".

From your lips to God's ears.

And what I have been saying is America's greatest threat.
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