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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,948

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Just Call Them The Traitor Caucus

Of cowards.

Is Anyone Anywhere Willing To Say "Lock Him Up"

For an actual crime.

We lose too many elections because the answer is no.

Really hate to say it.

The Stupidest Person On Earth Covigula A. Trump Is Too Stupid To Realize That Anyone He Calls

Would absolutely record the conversation. Even if it isn't legal to do so anyone with half a brain would record any phone conversation (and meeting) they had with Trump, for safety, and insurance.

From Michael Cohen, to god knows who else, EVERYONE knows Trump is a serial, pathological, constant, non-stop liar, and they need a record of their conversation for their own safety. With all people, it is only a matter of time before Covigula thinks it would benefit him to throw (insert name of anyone Trump ever met) under the bus. Only a matter of time.

Even Trump's bankruptcy lawyers always had 2 attorneys in every meeting because of his lies, and they needed confirmation of what was said.

Trump is so stupid he doesn't realize he is always recorded.

Let that sink in.....

Danie ~

Congressman Adam Smith Just Said Covid Deaths Are Under Reported


Yes it actually is even worse than it looks.

"The Politics Of Fear Have No Place In Our Society" Says Mitch McConnell

I guess fear of starvation doesn't count right Mitch?

Losing your home?

Going bankrupt?

Getting sick and being told the hospital is full, go home?

How about those politics Mitch?

Mitch, to call you a piece of sh*t is an insult to feces.

Now go give some handouts to the filthy rich you serve asshole.

When Can We Force People To Use The Word Stupid Before The Words Republican Or Republicans


They are ALL STUPID, or worse. Traitors. Nazis. Klansmen. White Supremacists. Suckers. Fools. STUPID.

What they believe from "trickle down" to "smaller government" and "cutting taxes on rich people helps poor people" and on, and on, and on are simply STUPID IDEAS.

Any Republicans that are not stupid, are supporting stupid, and all that goes along with it, if they are still Republicans.

My New Year's Resolution is to get used to using the word stupid before the words Republican and Republicans.

It won't be that hard.
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