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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,948

Journal Archives

Thank You Donald Trump

For all the work you did helping Democrats take the Senate.

No kidding.

You Da Man!

The Republican Party Just Died

Before our eyes.

They can't ever again babble nonsense about the constitution.

Looking All Them Traitors A Clappin

Benedict Arnold would be so proud.

Everything Trump Touches Dies - Literally And Figuratively Pence

Mikey, you are screwed either way.

Now get your Republican lies in order. You will soon be looking for a job.

Prepare For Republican Sabotage Of Government

Mitch is gathering spanner wrenches to try to prove how government doesn't work.

We should just let a tribunal of billionaires keep making all the decisions is his plan. Just like his old plan.

No More Mitch No More Mitch No More Mitch

I was making a sandwich a couple minutes ago and it hit me.

No More Mitch.

Sing it brother!!!!

Putin Can Now Focus On Murdering His Opponents Full Time

Now he won't have to run the United States any more.

Lucky him.

Trump Reminds Me Of A Story My NA Sponsor Once Told Me

So you are standing in a room with 2 doors.

Behind one door is freedom, and serenity.

Behind the other door is a man with a hammer.

So you open one of the doors, and the man hits you on the head with the hammer.

You shut the door, and think about it.

You open the door again, and he hits you on the head with the hammer again.

You shut the door, and think some more.

You open the door once more, and the man is gone.

So you go looking for him....

This is Trump's inability to accept a loss, even if his efforts to overturn the voter's choice may lead to prison.

Georgia Gave Us A Wonderful President A Few Years Back And Can Now Give America The Senate

No one in the history of America had more class than Jimmy Carter.

Now they can save America from 4 years of being abused by a person who brags about being the Grim Reaper.


Call ALL YOUR FRIENDS and make sure every one that isn't a traitor in Georgia votes.

Lisa, Susan, Mitt - Time To Become Independent And Caucus With Dems Regardless Georgia

Who wants to be associated with a party of criminals, liars, and traitors any more?

The billionaires will be just fine without you folks, and the Senate.
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