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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 04:02 PM
Number of posts: 4,992

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Off Topic: Sing while you can

I am interested in yodeling (quit laughing,) and as I listen to examples, it occurs to me what good exercise it is for the lungs.

From there I thought, people need to sing. Sing anything. Sing to yourself, to your children, your spouse, your friends...don't save it for the marches, or...sing now. It doesn't matter if you're any good. You don't have to be _____ (fill in the blank with the name of your favorite singer) to have it help your brain and your lungs. If you can't sing in your situation, from shyness or bothering someone, then hum your blues away. You can do that.

Sing to your cat. She'll just look at you. No criticism. She'll offer an opinion when she is hungry. Perfect.

What is up with this vaccine?

Do they have this vaccine now or not? Who was it tested on? What is it? When was it tested? Are any other vaccines still being researched and tested, or are we only looking at Pfizer? Is this going to be FREE, or how much will it cost to get it? Who is going to be able to get it?

They want to laugh at us for our extreme caution, after Trump had his sticky little fingers in there. A little more discussion would be helpful.

I'm A Biden. n/t

Do you remember

when Trump came into power, scientists hurried and HID their scientific research by shipping it to Canada? Don't have to do that now!

Wow, he has good skin.

I wonder what he uses.

You know what will be nice?

They'll replace Orange Turd's picture at the VA with Biden's. Won't have to sit there underneath that pic anymore.

Do you remember?

Remember that guy that the Trumps immediately fired, the guy that had worked under so many Presidents as a...concierge?....He was let go for nothing.

Is he still alive? Would like to update on him...

And, remember when they cut down those really old trees that, I guess they blocked the view...

Well, I want the Rose Garden fixed up, and some more trees to symbolically replace those lost trees...

I know it's irrational, but I feel now like I could email the Bidens and get what I want!

I just wanna say

how thrilled I am that we have Kamala! Oh, I know that Joe's the Pres, but I am tickled pink that we'll be seeing Kamala's face around the country. I believe that she will have a lot to say in how our country is put back together.

I think she will do better than fine. She was a good choice, a well-spoken adult with a smart brain.

Thank you everyone for the massive effort to oust the wannabe dictator!

They have until 2 pm

to file a response to Alito's order. A little bit more to go.

What angers me

is that Bannon is still on bail and not rearrested for his terrorist activities. I don't think it's enough for him to be permanently banned from Twitter.

What he said was despicable, horrifying really, and he and his buddy there should be behind bars. The fact that he felt he could broadcast that with impunity, stating that beheading would serve as a warning for all others to get in line, should be enough to haul his ass in front of a judge. He's not taking his legal situation seriously. He deserves a chance to rethink that attitude.

I would hold him as an accessory should anyone be harmed by his words. Also, his buddy should be charged for advocating hanging people. What goes through people's heads when they say stuff like that? Don't they realize what they are saying?

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