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EndlessWire's Journal
EndlessWire's Journal
February 5, 2020

A sad day

but we will remember in November.

Putting children in cages is a crime against humanity. The Trump regime is doing it. When we vote in November, ask yourself if you want to be part of this atrocity.

When Trump begins his purge of those opposed to his regime, remember these vile humans who support Trump. We will never forget.

There are going to be attacks on Trump's "enemies;" we should not let those that voted to acquit Trump ever forget that they are responsible. "I made a mistake" will not change it.

I support a second impeachment effort. It is worth a shot, because Trump is going to run amok with his newly acquired power. We are all at risk now. The Constitution is at risk.

Look around and find something you can do to support the removal of Trump and EVERY REPUB in office. Every. one. must. go.

February 5, 2020

Not exactly sniffing

But seems huffy.

He sure is courting the Black vote. Oh, there it is: going to protect Social Security. Yeah, we know what he said...end of this year.

February 3, 2020

But, we didn't elect Giuliani, did we??

Sekulow talking about unelected bureaucrats don't make policy...what was Rudy doing over in Ukraine??

February 1, 2020

Can we email Pelosi?

I just feel like I'd like her to start a second impeachment action against the Orange Turd. While he's out golfing and gloating, I want to go to work.

January 12, 2020

Koala Bears

I am seeing rescuers handling koala bears without any resistance at all. Are koalas so gentle that they can be handled like that, or are they literally half dead and can't bite?

I saw one picture of a kangaroo being given water, but the guy was very respectful and stayed well back of its head while it drank. I think that kangaroos are dangerous, but they are also being handled easily.

I have always been scared of Australia because of its spider population, but I feel so bad about this situation. And, I am wondering what they are going to feed the rescued animals. Where are they going to get stuff from?

People come first, but the pictures are heartbreaking. What are they going to do with all those displaced animals??

Australia, we're with you.

December 24, 2019

About that North Korean Xmas gift...

Ya'll know that Kim has threatened to give us a Christmas gift this year, 'cause he's mad at Trump. No one knows what's up, but Kim has started up his long-range missile factory and we have photographed activity there.

People who know stuff say that if he fires off a missile, the world would have to respond. So, it could be something like a policy change, big deal, or a shot at Guam, like last time.

Trump creates diversions when he needs to direct your attention away from his misdeeds. If one doesn't work, he does another. So, my question is, is this going to turn into the NK diversion that we all worried about last year and the year before? Personally, I don't think NK can risk it, what would it get Kim?

But what if he cooked up something with Kim? We know that Trump has it in for Cali. I'm not sitting up at night worried about NK, but I want to reasonably anticipate what the orange nut job might do in order to get out of impeachment. He doesn't even have to really do anything, just tell us that Kim did something and he's declaring martial law.

The analysts have said that Kim wants Trump reelected. Would a missile launch really help that much?

November 15, 2019

Another threat against the People

I apologize if there is something about this somewhere else.

But, Nunes made their opening statement and in it he said that a vote on funding the government was coming up in a couple of weeks. Sure sounded like a threat to me! Here we go again.

I must say again how much I despise Trump et al and the TP. Scum, one and all.

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