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EndlessWire's Journal
EndlessWire's Journal
February 9, 2021

Who is the man speaking now?


I am liking his speech, the use of his hands, and his voice.
February 9, 2021

It's all on the GOP

Er, QOP...

Trump is not President, nor a member of Congress. He is now a private citizen who, like the rest of us, has only one vote. He can call Repubs all he wants and threaten them, but he is out.

It's time for the thrall of Trump to wear off. Wake up, QOP! Your behavior is abominable. Worshipping Trump will not save your jobs. Having a civil war in the Congress is demeaning and counterproductive.

We do not want Trump to run again for anything. That's the whole point. This traitor is a domestic threat which the QOP is enabling yet still.

Wake up, you villainous children! You do not want your names associated with Trump. It's not too late! (But, too late for me to invite you over for tea.)

February 8, 2021

I am curious about this

"breaking for the Sabbath" request that Trump's attorney is making. What do you think? Would saying NO deprive Trump of any reasonable defense?

I don't know if this source is forbidden or not: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/06/us/politics/trump-impeachment-trial.html

but, if you don't trust it, just Google the subject, as there are lots to choose from.

I'm thinking that it will benefit Trump and not us. And, I didn't know that there is supposed to be a Senate break next week. Or, a holiday on Monday. I think that a break in the trial will decrease momentum and cause the tide of the trial to change. I also think that they will cut evidence and hurry the trial up, all because one of Trump's lawyers is observant.

I thought it was funny that Schoen said we could break from sundown on Friday to the end of Saturday, and resume on Sunday, which for many Christians is the Sabbath. So, we have from a huge part of Friday all the way through to Monday that they can cut out -- except that Monday is some Senate holiday, followed by more vacation days.

I dunno. I think that Trump's lawyer should suck it up, just like the Christians will have to do. No break, no way, get it done.

If they do allow a delay, they should dump the Senate break and bring in even more evidence and witnesses. Punish them for this good.

Just think about it. I am so angry about the defecation in the hallways of our Capitol, and about the threat of hanging and murder. Why should Trump get any kind of a break at all? He uses distraction like a toy. That's what this is, like icing the kicker.

February 1, 2021

My dog and cat worked it out.

They're better than I am. Nicer creatures.

I live with a very gentle, 90-pound malamute mix who is a sweetheart about everything except her food. I am the only exception to her possessive, touch-my-food-and-I'll-thrash-you attitude. Her food is her food, and another animal's food is also hers.

I also live with an older cat who is healthy but falling victim to older age slowdowns. She is mindful of my wishes, but she pursues her interests with insistence and an I-don't-give-a-damn attitude. If she were human, she'd be wearing purple.

I am not a fool, and I am seeking to keep them separated. But, I brought my dog inside because it's winter and if I'm cold, she's cold. My dog does not like being inside, so I am forcing her. Well, I gave my dog the cat's water dish location and moved my cat's into the kitchen. She knows where it is.

So, I walk to where the dog is, and out pops my cat from behind the dog, where she has been drinking water from *her* dish. She strolls past the dog without a care in the world, and the dog is looking at her and wagging her tail. I watch carefully, but there is no problem.

These animals have never met before. Within two days, it's all good. I feed my dog separately and make sure that my cat can't walk past the dog food bowl. But the water bowl is now shared.

A dog is a dog and a cat is a cat. They are not supposed to get along unless you raise them together. But, these two came to some kind of understanding.

I do not think I can ever get past the bitter feelings I have against Repubs. I just don't think I can. I know Joe needs us to get over it (I can see how hard it will be for him to get anything done,) but I don't think I can. I want to go back to a nonpolitical life, but I am painfully aware that we all will have to fight at the midterms.

This isn't my life and I don't want it. But I feel like if I turn my back, my country may disappear. I see the Russians starting to fight the tyranny in their country, and I want to be part of the mindset that the Earth is worth fighting to keep whole, people should be free to pursue peaceful interests, and nobody should be able to dictate to me. I'll choose, thank you anyway.

I can choose to reconcile, like my dog and cat have shown to me, but there is no trust anymore. Maybe I'll feel better after Trump's trial. Maybe.

A lot of bread to be baked...

January 23, 2021

About the infrastructure

I just can't forget it. In the first year of the Trump Regime, he was making goo-goo eyes at the Saudis. It was right around when he was doing that sword dance thing with one of them. Trump announced that the Saudis were giving 1 BILLION dollars to the US for fixing up our infrastructure. He also announced that they were giving 1 million dollars to Ivanka's charity.

So, where is it?

It took Trump a bit of time to learn how to grift with the power of the pRes behind him. The very first time he said something and the stock market moved, his eyes lit up. He hadn't yet learned how to disguise bribes and personal gifts, and I think that is why he announced this money under the pretense of fixing the infrastructure. That's something that wouldn't be looked at too harshly.

If anyone knows whatsup about these alleged donations, do tell. Cause I think it was a donation to tRump's personal pockets.

I am sooo glad he is gone.

January 21, 2021

Mayor Pete

I believe today, Thursday, is the day Pete is supposed to get confirmed for Secretary of Transportation. He will be replacing Turleman's wife, Elaine Chao.

I am very interested in this. While this is a low-level Cabinet job, it is still very necessary for the infrastructure, and I have confidence that this man will do a good/great job. So, I hope he doesn't get blocked by some Trumpian ahole.

Are we still going to call him Mayor Pete? How about, The Highwayman? Or, Pete Street?

January 21, 2021

Did this happen to anyone else?

I was happily watching the Inauguration on You Tube, and listening to Biden's speech to the nation. Then, I had a fight with my cat, and suddenly PBS switched to that Rat Trump, broadcasting HIS farewell speech, I guess to his family. I listened to the YMCA song (I took it as a joke) and Tiny Dancer, and My Way (did Elton John and Paul Anka really give their permission for Trump to use their work?)

WTF? I know that some watchers might still be interested in what tRump is doing, and it's not all about me, but I was really enjoying Biden. I regard it as a last FU tRump gave the nation, and PBS fell for it.

Or, my cat screwed it up.

January 17, 2021

Something funny for you

Here's an article on legislation that has been introduced to prevent Trump from ever stepping foot in the Capitol:


There is quite a dispute over whether it can be done, but at least someone tried. Is this real?

January 13, 2021


House is adjourned until Friday. Somewhere, I heard that the soonest Mitch would call back the Senate is Friday. But, probably not until the 19th.

The Dems waited to see what Pence would do. Pence could still do his duty on Thursday. Why are they not coming back on Thursday? Stuff behind the scenes on Thursday?

January 13, 2021

But, but...

Dems never incited a coup...

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