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NH poll: Gabbard has the support of 2% of Democrats, 7% of independents, and 28% of Republicans


Dems on Turkey genocide of Armenia: 226 Yays, 0 Nays (Gabbard did not vote)


Tulsi is closer to becoming President of the United States than you think

in general, we don't like Tulsi Gabbard too much in DU.
But to think that she can become president of the United States is not as far-fetched as you might think.

Even if she wins zero delegates, Bernie Sanders loves her.
Nina Turner and Jane Sanders (very close to Bernie) are her BFF'S. So these two could further persuade Bernie Sanders to nominate her as vice president in the event that he wins the nomination for President.

The Russians love her. They might not have a huge incentive to support Donald Trump over a Bernie/Tulsi ticket.

On top of that, Bernie just had a heart attack and he's not young,
And guess who becomes President if God forbid, Bernie's health keeps him from finishing his tenure?

Should I act surprised when Our Revolution endorsees endorse Bernie Sanders?

Very good Congress members or officials have endorsed Bernie Sanders recently.

Namely, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-cortez And Ilhan Omar, all of whom owe their victoriesb in great part to the Bernie Sanders' aligned Our Revolution PAC, founded by his national co-chair Nina Turner.

Should we go "OMG this is huge" every time these Our Revolution candidates endorse the candidate that everyone expected them to endorse?

Why you should not believe Tulsi when she says she won't run as third-party

Here is Miss Gabbard denying she plans to run as third-party candidate:

Tulsi gabbard has told two big lies recently.
First, she pretended to be in favor of an impeachment inquiry. but she was against the inquiry both before and after claiming to be for it.
that is, first she said she was against it, then she said she was for it, and now recently she told Hannity that she is against it.

The second is her alleged opposition to Donald Trump's withdrawal from Kurdish areas. Anyone who knows Gabbard's background knows that she is for anyting Assad and Putin support.

Tulsi again acuses someone of corruption who isn't Donald Trump


Why "Civiqs" poll has Biden in fourth place in Iowa

This pollster often partners with the Daily Kos, a website active in the promotion of the more liberal candidates, such as Warren and Sanders.

Joe Biden is very unpopular here.

Civiqs has a reason to pretend that Biden is sinking.
Note that no other pollster shows Biden this doing this badly in Iowa.

Biden's opponents intelligently refer to Civiqs as "Iowa State University", which sounds more prestigious and unbiased.

Civiqs is the pollster, not ISU

Nate Silver unconvinced that a Tulsi independent candidacy would help Trump

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