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wnylib's Journal
wnylib's Journal
June 13, 2021

Spooked while watching a ghost story

I was watching videos of the old TV show, Medium, about the psychic who worked for a DA and talked to ghosts. OK, so you don't have to believe it to enjoy the program. I like Harry Potter, too, but don't believe in witches.

Anyway, it was late night and quiet in my apartment building. My bedroom is off the living room, and the bedroom door is behind me when I'm watching the TV screen. i always leave that door open.

Just as Allison Dubois was trying to contact a ghost, I heard the bedroom door squeak behind me. WTH? I live alone. The windows were closed, so I ruled out a breeze. As I watched the door, it moved about an inch, then stopped. Did somebody get into the apartment earlier in the day when I was out for a few hours, and hide in the bedroom closet? But what for? There are more affluent neighborhoods in town than mine. In this town, I'm more likely to get attacked for my politics than my money.

As I searched my mind for plausible explanations, still wary of going to the door to check, the tip of a lime green pipe cleaner wiggled through the space under the door. Aha! My "ghost" intruder was Ember, the cat, entertaining herself, invisible to me from the other side of the door.

She likes to push pipe cleaners under doors, then pull them back. She had just discovered that the carpet resistance, combined with the twisted up pipe cleaner, made the bedroom door move, and was experimenting with it. By the time the video was done, the bedroom door was nearly closed, except for a small gap.

Of course she's not smart enough to deliberately spook me out while I watch a ghost story. But the timing couldn't have been more coincidental.

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