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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 04:48 PM
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Anyone in or near Erie? Just wondering

how the voting is going there today and whether Erie will flip back to Democrats.

BREAKING: BBC reports both Trumps are positive for covid.

BBC now saying that Trump has tweeted that his and Melania's tests both came back positive.

NPR and BBC report Hope Hicks is covid positive.

She was working closely with Trump leading up to the debate and his rallies after it. She was on the plane with him. Trump says he and Melania have been tested and are in quarantine, but who knows what he means by quarantine?

Moral dilemma for those who are praying people - which outcome to pray for?

R.I.P. Helen Reddy (I Am Woman)

You tube has a good video of Helen Reddy singing I Am Woman on stage in 1971. I could not get a link that would work. If anyone else can, please add it to this thread.

That song gave me inspiration and courage at a time in my life when I badly needed it. Just watching the video and hearing those meaningful words today brought tears to my eyes, remembering how much it meant to me then and how much my life has changed since then.

R.I.P Ms. Reddy. And thank you.

Who remembers life for women before RBG?

What are your personal memories and experiences?

I remember job listings in the newspaper in separate columns labelled: Jobs for Men and Jobs for Women. The men's column listed openings for engineers, hospital staff doctors, accountants, department managers, retail managers, skilled trade jobs. The women's column listed office clerical positions, hairdressers, nurses.

I have a copy of Life Magazine from 1968 with an article about a "women's lib" call to eliminate gender divisions in job listings. The article ridicules the idea and says it is highly unlikely that such a radical idea would ever come to pass.

When I left my husband and filed for divorce, my father went with me to help choose a used car. I was steadily employed throughout my marriage and paid most of our bills because my ex could not hold a job for long. The car dealer said I could not get a bank loan in my name so my father co-signed. The next day, I took out a personal loan from my employer's credit union, with the car as collateral, and paid off the bank to get the car and the loan in my name

I divorced my husband because he was violent. A co-worker asked me, "Well, is it serious? Or does he just slap you around a little?"

So what do DUers here remember about the old gender attitudes and laws?

Does anyone else's cat have shower anxiety?

Not for herself, but for me.

It happened occasionally when my cat was younger. She's 4 years old now and it happens quite often.

When I get in the shower, kitty grabs her comfort toy (a feathery wind-up chicken) and walks around meowing in her high pitched anxiety tone. I have to call her name several times and say, "It's all right. I'm right here." Or poke my head around from the shower curtain to let her see that I'm ok. She stops the anxious meowing then, but stares at me, chickie in her mouth, looking very concerned, until I come out to dry off.

She likes to watch water go down the drain in the kitchen sink, and if there are suds in it, she tries to hold them back with her paw. When they disappear, she puts her whole face into the drain, looking for where they went. But she does not like to get INTO water.

Is she projecting her own anxiety about water onto me? Never before had a cat do something like this. Anyone else have a cat that acts anxious when they shower?

Music for protests

Watching videos of protesters, especially in Portland, it occurs to me that they could be livened up with some music. Patriotic tunes would counter the Trump BS message that protesters are anti-American. Combine patriotic tunes with songs about equality to emphasize that anti racism and equality for POC are patriotic.

For patriotic songs, there are old stand-bys that everyone can join in singing together in solidarity, like My Country 'Tis of Thee. Add some fifes and drums for a little extra spirit.

There's also an old Woody Guthrie song from the 1930's, (or early '40s?) called All You Fascists Bound to Lose. Catchy tune with 2 short verses. I can't post a link from my phone, but it's on You Tube. Just Google the title.

Another Woody Guthrie song, much better known and performed by people like Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul, and Mary, is This Land is Your Land.

Since I am white, I think it's more appropriate for POC to suggest and choose songs about anti racism and equality.

We could send a message of patriotism and unity against racism through music, alternating with readings (with a megaphone). I can think of many people worth quoting, like MLK, John Lewis, Frederick Douglass, some Native American people like Chief Joseph (Nez Perce tribe) on freedom, Black Elk (Oglala Sioux) on peace. There's a good quote from Robert Kennedy on justice and compassion for people who suffer.

Music and quotes can send strong messages sbout the meaning and goals of protests. Not to mention debunkingTrump's claim that protesters are anarchists.

So what songs would be good at protests? What quotes, and by whom?

Any other western NYers here under storm warnings

right now? I am posting from my bathroom on the 5th floor of an apartment building. No access to basement so it's the next best place.

Severe thunderstorm warnings with rotation activity and possible tornados. The weather service mentioned several small towns around me. Took kitty with me to the bathroom when my town was added to the list. Plus battery radio and flashlight just in case.

So far, a lot of clouds but not even any rain. Kitty is in her carrier in case we need to leave and is not happy about the confinement. I am bribing her with treats.

Anybody here familiar with pet DNA testing?

My 4 year old female cat is not pedigreed, but she has two traits that are each identified very specifically with two different breeds. So I think she has both breeds in her recent past. Many other physical and behavioral traits also point to those two breeds. I'd like to satisfy my curiosity about that, but also be prepared for any health needs her vet should watch for.

So I'm considering a cat DNA test. Wonder if anyone else has done this and how satisfied they are.

Cuomo rips Moscow Mitch a new one

in this morning's press briefing.

Reporter asked Cuomo about Moscow Mitch's recommendation that states file bankruptcy instead of Congress allocating federal assistance money to them. Moscow Mitch proposed saving the national economy instead of "bailing out blue states."

Cuomo said such petty-minded partisanship was appalling in a national and international emergency. Cuomo said he does not operste that way or even think that way as NY governor. "I am governor of all the people in NY, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or Independents." He said he expected a representaive of a federal body (Congress) to have the entire nation's interest at heart, not just one political party.

Cuomo explained that the states hit hardest by the coronavirus are predominantly Democratic, e.g. NY, CA, IL, MI. So, he said, the Moscow Mitch suggestion that they file bankruptcy and that Congress should refuse them aid is the same as saying that it is ok for people in those states to die because they are Democrats. What kind of person even thinks that way? We are all in this together. Republicans are dying, too. Viruses don't have political preferences.

Then Cuomo pointed out some hard reality facts and called the Moscow Mitch suggestion "just plain dumb" and one of the dumbest ideas he has heard regarding the crisis.

"Imagine what would happen to the national economy if NY filed bankruptcy. Now add Illinois, Michigan, and California and you'll see the entire US economy sink, everywhere."

Then Cuomo gave specific figures (did not write them down) showing that NY revenues sent to DC amount to far more than NY receives in return. The numbers he quoted were in the billions. But Kentucky is not a "donor state" on the national scene because it receives billions more than it contributes nationally. Therefore, NY keeps KY functioning. If NY files bankruptcy because Congress refuses emergency aid, then KY will sink, too, because KY needs NY to stay in business.

So Moscow Mitch shoots himself and his own state in the foot when he promotes abandoning states in trouble and telling them to file bankruptcy instead of assisting them in an emergency.

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