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I'm one smart, tough cookie. Go ahead and try to make me crumble.

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A little bit of background on the parents.

They married in 2001 and were in their early 30s when they had Payton. He's from New Jersey and is 2 years younger than her. She's from the Binghamton area with family roots in Pennsylvania. Her paternal grandfather was a minister. Both are college educated and were (still are?) civil engineers for the NYS Department of Transportation in Binghamton.

Be careful what you wish for, Texas!

How Bitcoin mining devastated this New York town
Between rising electricity rates and soaring climate costs, cryptomining is taking its toll on communities.
By Lois Parshley
April 18, 2022

It didn’t take long for a subsidiary of the popular mining firm Coinmint to lease a Family Dollar store in Plattsburgh. The city’s building inspector, Joe McMahon, remembers that the man who signed the lease, Prieur Leary, wanted everything done quickly. “Overnight, he wanted power on,” McMahon says. “We were all uneasy about it but didn’t know the harm.”


Actually, human milk is not superior. It's the evolutionary norm and where the bar for comparison

needs to be set. It's formula and all other human milk substitutes that are inferior, some vastly inferior. Human babies should receive human milk if at all possible.

Madison County, NY town court justice with 3 strikes against him

has resigned while under investigation.


Madison Town Court Justice Robert W. Engle resigned his office March 16, with an effective date of April 30, according to the Commission. He resigned agreeing never to seek or accept judicial office in the future. The Commission accepted that stipulation and closed its investigation.

Engle has been disciplined twice previously.

According to the Commission's official Decision and Order documents, Engle was being investigated for complaints alleging that he failed to make mandatory reports and remittances of official funds to the state comptroller in a timely manner, that he failed to record all proceedings as required by law, and that he had failed to administer his court effectively.

Engle, who is not an attorney, has been a justice of the Madison Town Court since Jan. 1, 1990. His current term expires Dec. 31, 2025.

As usual, had to do a Google search to confirm what I already suspected since it's not included in the article...he's a Republican. The incompetence and unqualified for the job were dead giveaways.

Researcher discusses start of BA.2.12.1 variant in Central New York that has now become dominant.

Upstate Medical University Professor Frank Middleton, PhD in neuroscience and a neurobiologist. I knew Prof. Middleton a decade+ ago in the local youth sports scene and he was always very calm and soft spoken.

The nearly 22 minute video will appear in the black banner and to the right of the "Newsmakers: Upstate Professor Discovered New Omicron Variant by: Andrew Donovan." It's worth the wait and the watch.

He explains everything very well and the takeaway is that COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon.


It's quite possible the drivers went from clear visibility to very low or no visibility in an

instant during this type of snow storm. No time to slow down even if you're already driving cautiously for the weather conditions. Going downhill makes it even more likely for things to go crazy.

If this happened on I-81 in the Poconos, then there's no slowing down on a slippery snow

covered highway going DOWN a mountainside.

Brakes are useless when the roads freeze and there's a sheet of black ice. Applying brakes on ice may even make it worse for the driver. Just put the car in the lowest gear and hope it slows down enough to maintain control.

Shares were sold in Feb 2022 for a $3M loss and represented a relatively small portion of the

overall investments of the pension fund.

No, despite what you see on the Internet, Kentucky’s teacher pension fund did not just lose $13 million in Russian bank stock.

“From March 2017 until the final sale on Feb. 23, 2022, TRS invested $15.6 million with $12.4 million returned, for a loss of $3.2 million,” the agency said in the statement.


I had a whack job for a "mother" as well.

She was the embodiment of Old Mother Hubbard of the nursey rhyme. The obscene # of children she got pregnant with and birthed in a relatively short amount of time was her only claim to fame. When it came time for sex education to be taught as a part of health class in my high school during 10th grade, she made sure her big mouth landed her on the front page of the newspaper. It was EMBARRASSING as all heck to have the antithesis of responsible parenthood spewing her anti-sex education in the public school BS. What a joke!

The Story of Eminem documentary

Left-handed artist.
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