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Beshear's victory in Kentucky will help Joe Biden

Andy Beshear ran the best ground game of any Democratic candidate in Kentucky in recent memory. Make no mistake about it, Beshear is a progressive but he is a pragmatist in the mold of Joe Biden. Beshear said he was willing to work with Republicans when necessary for the betterment of the state. Beshear didn't need AOC or Bernie Sanders to come here and drum up votes.

Beshear also shows that it's possible to win in deep red counties. He carried several counties in Appalachia in coal country! And even in the counties where he lost, he kept the margins down. He spent a lot of time talking to eastern Kentuckians and it paid off big time.

Beshear also got out the African-American vote in Louisville! He had a HUGE turnout in Louisville which cemented his victory.

The point is that it's possible to have a candidate that can appeal to both rural and urban voters and get them out the polls.

I believe it's wrong to say that only a far left candidate can win. It's very possible to have a candidate that can appeal to both minorities and rural voters and get them out to the polls. And Joe Biden fits that profile perfectly. It's a mistake to say that we must nominate a candidate that only aims to inspire the left to the polls. You can still inspire the left and get rural voters too. Beshear has showed how this can be done.

Lastly, Beshear campaigned on supporting the ACA. He is not a supporter of Medicare for All. So this a sign that supporting ACA is a political winner, not M4A. It makes me wonder if Gillium hurt himself by supporting M4A.

KY-GOV Elect Andy Beshear would've been an ideal 2020 candidate

Youthful, progressive (but not a flame thrower), able to win statewide twice in a deep red state, great campaigner, handsome with a beautiful family and nearly no baggage. It's too late for 2020, but keep an eye on him going forward!
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