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Member since: Fri Oct 4, 2019, 03:02 PM
Number of posts: 174

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Were I there, I would be tempted

to yield five minutes to the gop squad to directly address the facts on record, and would play at least audio of trump confessing on the front lawn of the White House and on the helicopter tarmac.

The one candidate who I think is perfect, but is not running

is Nancy Pelosi.
Who knows better what sort of mess we are in, precisely, and likely the best way to set things to right?
A badseedboy can dream, alas.

"Republicans' anti-impeachment witness was my professor. I hardly recognize what he's become."

“. . .What struck me the most Wednesday, as I watched the hearings with intense interest, was that the 2019 Jonathan Turley no longer matches prior versions of his younger self. To be sure, that can be said for most of us as we age. But Turley’s deterioration, for lack of a better word, comes hand-in-hand with the toll that the Trump Administration takes on anyone who comes near it. . . .”


Who else remembers

Turley on Countdown with Keith Olbermann years back?
Seriously, what happened to him? What sway does trump have to persuade so many to dump their souls on the road?

in what context

is this disrespect for Vindman a winning strategy? Stunningly stupid gop. . .

Would anyone kindly provide

the schedule for televised impeachment inquiry hearings this week?
Thank you in advance.

Where did Gym Jordan go?

CBS just scanned over to his chair, which was empty.
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