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Member since: Fri Oct 4, 2019, 03:02 PM
Number of posts: 94

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any site recommendations?

I have read coronavirus symptoms lists, but remain unfamiliar with the range of symptom severity, especially in the median scale,. I understand the range of the common cold, from mild to life-threatening via secondary infections. Everyone I know has survived one or two. That knowledge helps me to manage any anxiety I might have about catching a cold.

But the coronavirus appears, from what I've read so far, to be a certain death sentence for a reasonably experienced man of my age, sixty-four.

Have you read any first-person accounts of coronavirus survivors? I believe I might be less panicky if I hear from them.

I appreciate links to anything relevant.

Thank you very much.

your grandparents

"Your grandparents were called to war.

You’re being called to sit on your couch.

You can do this."

--anonymous quote

Trumpists write

that the coronavirus is designed to "make Trump look bad."

I don't understand why they think a virus' existence affects orangey's reputation. It seems they think he is deity-like, and the state of humanity is his job performance review.

45 is nodding off. . .

watch his eyes as others talk. Heroin chic.

news to me:

Seth Abramson writes today:

“If America knew Trump traded the continuation of his licensing deal at Trump Towers Istanbul for a retreat of U.S. forces from the Turkey-Syria border, which led to Turkey shelling our troops, us losing bases, and the rebirth of ISIS, support for a second impeachment would be 70%.”


for what it's worth

"Russian Government Bank Deposited $500 Million into Deutsche Bank Subsidiary as it Lent to Trump
January 21, 2020 1:52 pm
By Scott Stedman, Bobby DeNault, Adrienne Cobb and Jess Coleman
A Russian government-controlled bank deposited at least half a billion dollars into the American subsidiary of Deutsche Bank around the time that the bank lent Trump his most scrutinized loans, according to exclusively obtained confidential bank records. As Trump received loans from the subsidiary, DBTCA, totaling over $360 million, Gazprombank sent $511 million in cash to DBTCA to be dispersed however it directed. . ."

Were I there, I would be tempted

to yield five minutes to the gop squad to directly address the facts on record, and would play at least audio of trump confessing on the front lawn of the White House and on the helicopter tarmac.

The one candidate who I think is perfect, but is not running

is Nancy Pelosi.
Who knows better what sort of mess we are in, precisely, and likely the best way to set things to right?
A badseedboy can dream, alas.

"Republicans' anti-impeachment witness was my professor. I hardly recognize what he's become."

“. . .What struck me the most Wednesday, as I watched the hearings with intense interest, was that the 2019 Jonathan Turley no longer matches prior versions of his younger self. To be sure, that can be said for most of us as we age. But Turley’s deterioration, for lack of a better word, comes hand-in-hand with the toll that the Trump Administration takes on anyone who comes near it. . . .”


Who else remembers

Turley on Countdown with Keith Olbermann years back?
Seriously, what happened to him? What sway does trump have to persuade so many to dump their souls on the road?
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