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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 15,724

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Trump Just Requested A 6 Month Delay

Trump just requested a Manhattan judge grant him a 6 month delay in the Letitia James financial civil trial. Trump's lawyers claim there are too many documents to properly have time to respond to.

Trump's strategy of delay has worked so far. I'm guessing that the judge gives a delay, but not 6 months, anyone else see the pattern yet?

Wishing The Wait And See Crowd Would Turn On Deadline Whitehouse

Right now. The FBI wanted to shut down the Trump stolen document investigation after the Corcoran/Bobb letter saying that all documents had been turned over.

Merrick Garland who "was" know for protecting our institutions may be unwittingly destroying them.

Big segment coming up about Wray talking on Fox News.

Wray And Garland Failed To Investigate J6 Intelligence Failures

"A report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) revealed that neither FBI Director Christopher Wray nor Attorney General Merrick Garland has conducted an internal investigation into the FBI's processing of information known ahead of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

A key piece of the House Select Committee investigating the attack focused on the failures of law enforcement, finding multiple examples of agencies that were warned ahead of time that an attack was coming and did nothing to ensure added protection on Jan. 6."


Wray even lied when he testified before Congress, and nothing was done.

We also know the Secret Service was complicit in the insurrection, Pence wouldn't get into that car and yet an Inspector General cleared the SS of wrongdoing.

Someone needs to investigate the investigators and not the Magat House committee.

Another quote from the link;

Under the section titled "Recommendations for Executive Action," the report clarifies that there are 10 recommendations, including, "The director of the FBI should assess the extent to which and why personnel did not process information related to the events of Jan. 6 according to policy. The director of the FBI should, following its assessment, implement a plan to address any internal control deficiencies identified to ensure personnel consistently follow policies for processing information."

Addressing the report, former FBI general counsel Andrew Weissmann said, "This is really unacceptable and it is on Garland and Wray."

Mike Pence Is Running For President

He is running for president for the same reason as Trump, to get out of being subpoenaed, because he is afraid to testify against Trump.

Jack Smith gets it, thatís why he went to a judge to try to speed up the process, I wish him luck.

I have been trying to tell everyone how much time matters.

Fantastic Show On MSNBC By Richard Engel

Documentary of the Ukranian resistance in Kherson. A car parts salesman and some others pin pointed where Russians vehicles and weapons were stored on Google map. A bartender texted about drunken Russians leaving her bar.

The resistance, fantastic show.

Emily Kohrs Did Nothing Wrong

It gets old, people accusing the Fulton county foreperson of wrongdoing, that's what Magats do, start a talking point.

The judge in the case Robert McBurney was asked about Kohrs, he responded that Georgia's law regarding grand juries requires that jurors not speak about jury deliberations. That's it, that's how the law is written in Georgia, it may be written differently in other states, but Emily Kohrs did not discuss jury deliberations, end of story.

Oh and she is not a witch. Oh yeah she has some quirks, but don't we all?

Glenn Kirshner Agrees With Me

Glen was on Stephanie Miller today, he said that Jack Smith isn't fooling around, he said that Smith is into a 2 minute offense. He isn't waiting for every court up the line, he is requesting that a judge require Mike Pence to testify.

Kirshner then said that pre-Smith DOJ couldn't even field a team on the field.

Also of note from Miller's show; they believe that Fox is getting behind Ron DeSantis, that big donors are getting behind DeSantis. They want to see an all out war between Trump and DeSantis. What will the unwashed Magats do if they find out that Fox has dumped Trump? I'm not so sure it has, yet.

I Did A Bill Barr Thread Yesterday

I said if he is subpoenaed Trump will claim executive privilege and Barr will claim attorney/client privilege. I left off the sarcasm thingy.

I was surprised how many people agreed with my post.

No the hell not, those privileges cannot be claimed. A president doesnít need to even speak with his AG let alone order him what to do.

If Jack Smith Subpoenas Bill Barr

So if Jack Smith subpoenas Bill Barr will Trump claim executive privilege and will Barr claim attorney/client privilege? 🤓

How Can People Watch Cable News?

I turned on MSNBC 30 minutes early before watching Deadline White House. Katy Tur was talking about Magats questioning why President Biden went to Ukraine, then she talked about trump going to Ohio Wednesday, then she gave Ron DeSantis free campaign time talking about his visits to police organizations in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago, thank the gods Nicole finally came on and spent 90 minutes covering President Biden's remarkable and important trip to Kyiv, at the end of her coverage there was a live shot of AF-1 landing in Poland and live shots of President Biden coming down the stairs and being greeted by Polish officials. President Biden preparing to give an important speech tomorrow in Poland. I turned CNN on and it had some other right wing bs on.

Nicolle is now taking time to honor Jimmy Carter's life.

Nicolle now asking why Kevin McCarthy gave Capitol insurrection video to a pro-Putin ally, and why weren't the videos provided to other networks. Claire McCaskill called it a security outrage because there are many Capitol surveillance cameras in hidden locations that bad guys would love to have access to. Show over, cable news off.
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