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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 15,553

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You Know That Phone That DOJ Seized From Scott Perry

Last August DOJ seized Perry's phone but an appeals court has put a temporary stay on DOJ being allowed to access it. Even Kevin McCarthy is involved in the courts, he is claiming, I guess, that Congressional Magats have some sort of immunity in criminal prosecutions.

Isn't Perry on a committee that will investigate the people who are investigating him?

Everything is going according to plan. The Iowa caucus is January 2024, minus 60 days grace period, that leaves DOJ about 9 months to act.

Oh Dear, The Recent Lengthy Pro-DOJ Thread - Blown Up

The recent record long thread backing DOJ just got blown up by Rachel Maddow. It seems that not only did DOJ botch the Stormy Daniel's crime, DOJ told the state of New York not to investigate because they were on it. They fucking lied.

This from Geoffrey Berman's new book.

The federal statute of limitations for Stormy has expired, does Bragg have the balls to hold trump accountable?

Rachel is still talking about it.

Do You Want Competence From The MSM?

Watch Only Nicolle Wallace.

She spent her first 40 minutes on the Alvin Bragg/Stormy Daniels/Trump grand jury. She had 3 competent guests on, including Michael Cohen.

If you wanted an explanation of what is coming down, tune in.

Oh and Nicolle blew a gasket trying to get an explanation of why the feds failed to prosecute and why NY waited so long to prosecute. The pathetic answer she got was, politics.

I will tune in to Rachel tonight, but I get my fix from Nicolle.

Oh and NY can charge for campaign violations, but the main charge will come from improperly listing the Stormy Daniels payments that were funneled through Cohen. Michael Cohen, who knows Trump, feels that Trump is very much afraid of this case because he can't lie about what happened. Cohen said that this case is the easiest to prove of all Trump's crimes.

Trump Indictment Imminent

I haven't seen this thread posted in a couple of days, just saving someone the trouble.

I Do Not Care About Donald Trump

I understand why many people need to know his every move, his every utterance, I am not one of those people.

I only watch Nicolle Wallace for that reason, I do not watch the other cable news anchors who are obligated to do what their domestic oligarch owners tell them to do.

I do not care where Trump was last night. I do not care what Trump said last night.

If Trump is called before a grand jury then I will click on that.

The airwaves and TV should be 24/7 about Charles McGonigal, about Anthony Devolder being investigated and arrested.

That is all.

So Many Trump/Durham/Barr Fans Here

The freaking Italian government gave Barr and Durham credible information of Trump financial crimes. Barr allowed Durham to investigate it, he had no business giving that case to Durham. Durham and Barr swept it all under the rug.

I do a post asking if Garland was aware of this? He certainly is aware of it now. My question is why shouldn't Garland do a real investigation into the Italian evidence? Will he also just ignore it like he ignored "individual one" and the 10 obstruction of justice crimes?

3 2 1 have at me.

Has Garland Opened Up Another Trump Investigation?

When Bill Barr and John Durham were travelling to Italy to try to dig up dirt on the FBI and CIA investigating the Trump/Russia investigators, Italian officials told Durham and Barr about corrupt financial dealings of Trump. Barr gave this case to Durham and he later dropped any further investigation. Does Merrick Garland know about this, shouldn't he? is he just going to let a concrete report of Trump financial criminal shenanigans go away?

Garland needs to do his job. Durham and Barr were not credible people to investigate the evidence that the Italian government provided.

Better archive this thread, it will probably be the last we hear about this.


Far Out Theory About Magats

I know them because I live among them, they live in fear, they keep loaded guns in their houses.

We know that the area of the brain that triggers the fight or flight response is more pronounced in “conservatives.”
Is it possible that Fox News and right wing social media with their 24/7 fear mongering are creating a PTSD-like malady in Magats? PTSD can be caused by many sources, why not Fox News and right wing social media?

Maybe I am way off base but maybe that’s why they fall for so many conspiracy theories?

The Dobbs Supreme Court Leak

How many cable news anchor's lead story was the sham investigation into who leaked the Dobb's decision?

People, for your peace of mind, to keep away from right wing narratives, only watch Nicolle Wallace from 4-6.

Caveat by Frank Figliusi who said there are justices who know who the leaker was.

Another fantastic lead story, not too late to tune in for segment #2, George Santos. No punches pulled.

The House Magat Agenda

Magats have an agenda, it is to make President Biden look bad. That is it, don't overthink it.

The 2024 Senate race, the way it falls, favors Magats. There are more Democrats in 2024 who are vulnerable.

The problem that Magats have is they can't win the overall popular vote which causes them to lose the presidency.

Magats are shooting for 2024; keep the House through the hundreds of voter suppression laws being passed, win back the Senate, and win the presidency. Once Magats control all of government they will cut the legs out from under our democracy, which will allow them to stay in power, minority rule.

Hell, people can't see that their insurrection has only been growing since 1/6/2021, we have Magats who were complicit in the insurrection going to investigate DOJ and the FBI, this should be a fiction movie instead of reality.

The Iowa caucus is Jan. 23rd, 2024, talk is that Trump is going back on Twitter, going out on the campaign trail. The insurrection is growing and getting more violent. Reports are that last year Capitol police had 8,000 cases of threats against Congress, up 400%.

Go get em Fani, our democracy is counting on you.

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